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    Thread: Florence

    1. 07-16-2015 06:13 AM #1
      Florence is a very popular city of Italy, It is also one of the most famous cities of Europe. I also have been to the city and had blast there, It was a family tour of us in 2013. I just really loved the place and had do much fun there, Florence is the city where i would love to go again.

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    3. Banned
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      Apr 6th, 2015
      07-23-2015 03:14 AM #2
      No doubt that Florence is the capital and beautiful city in Italy. My elder sister visited there two months ago, before bus trip to niagara falls with his friends. He told me, This city is filled with tremendous places. They were enjoyed there a lot with friends. She shared with me some names of famous attractions there. I want to share with all community members. The names are;
      Palazzo Vecchio
      Piazzale Michelangelo
      Giardino Bardini
      Ponte Santa Trinita

    4. 07-27-2015 08:19 AM #3
      Oscar123, I really like the way you ave shared you according information with me. I just really loved it and I'm just so sure that i'm gonna love the place too while visiting that. Now would you like to share your summer plans with all of us, I would really like to know that.

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    6. Banned
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      Apr 6th, 2015
      08-03-2015 04:04 AM #4
      Why not Andrews, This summer, I am thinking to go Hawaii, Death Valley and Niagara Fall. I heard much about it through my uncle and friends. They say that, these are best for summer season. The Niagara Fall offers stunning views of nature and Hawaii offer the biggest range of the Island, and beaches. I am very excited to go there. What do you think about my plan?

    7. Semi-n00b Ivo2016's Avatar
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      Mar 3rd, 2016
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      03-28-2016 08:14 AM #5
      Perfect Andrew, Florence is a very beauty city. You visited Paris or not yet? You welcome any time my friend

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