- bought a new Epiphone guitar
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      03-29-2015 07:30 PM #1
      i bought a nice package-deal SG guitar w/matching amp this past's really nice and all but the tuners seem really vague --very hit and miss--it's next to impossible to keep the guitar in tune. i have to check the tuning every time i use it---yes,it's really *that* bad.
      is this 'normal' for these Chinese made models? is it just the cheap,stock strings??
      the included guitar tuner is rather iffy,too (yes,i realize that it was cheap for a reason;not bitching about it)
      will changing out the strings fix most of these issues? i'm a total noob with guitars,so i really am not familiar with the ins and outs with modern instruments.
      FYI-- i took lessons when i was a teen and i'm trying to re-learn it again.

      also--i have found a great website that has an enormous amount of great songs posted for download but they are all listed as "Tabs" i am having a hell of a time figuring out how to decipher them??? any help on this??
      thanks for any info rock on!
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      04-02-2015 06:48 AM #2
      Tuning instability is usually caused by the strings binding in the nut, not the tuners. Have a competent guitar tech give your guitar a setup. Even with a Gibson, Martin or any other new guitar for that matter, a setup is a VG idea.

      An Epiphone GS400 for the price is a VG guitar. A proper setup will make it play right or at least identify what problem there might be. My guess is that the nut is not cut correctly. Pretty common on a cheaper guitar.

      Tabs are pretty straight forward. Each line represents a string and the numbers represent what fret. The lines pitch wise, are reverse of the actual guitar with the low pitch strings on the bottom of the tab and the higher pitch strings working there way to the top of the tab.

      Tabs don't really indicate note duration, just were notes are located on the finger board and the order they are played in.
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      04-29-2015 11:22 AM #3
      My Epi Special II had some horrible cheap plastic-knob tuners. One of the knobs snapped off at a jam session. I replaced them all with better (not quite Grover) tuners and put in a Tusq nut. Much better now. I'd say get a quality nut (they're less than $15 and should be an easy job to DIY) and change out the strings. That and a good setup will make a huge difference.

      One suggestion for learning:

      I've been playing bass most of the time lately in the praise band but I'll be getting back into some guitar work once I finish my degree this summer and will definitely be blowing the dust off those 2 books again.
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      05-14-2015 04:34 PM #4
      Take a soft lead pencil and rub some graphite into the nut slots. That'll lubricate the strings and prevent binding.
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