- My cat is self-destructing!
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    1. 03-06-2015 03:19 PM #1
      We had a flea infestation this fall and after weeks of cleaning the apartment and numerous flea treatments we got rid of the parasites but my cat is still licking off all her fur and scratching herself so much she has open sores on her head and neck.

      It also coincided with a switch to Kirkland (costco) weight management cat food. I'm 100% positive we don't have any more fleas, could it be the food causing this?

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      03-09-2015 12:27 PM #2
      Overgrooming can certainly be an allergy problem relating to food. I'd switch her food and give it a few weeks and see if the problem goes away.

      Our cat has been overgrooming for years. It started after we got her (my parents had her for 9 months prior and no real issues). No other animals in the house and she definitely attached to us so I think it started as separation anxiety. Then it turned into an OCD behavior. It wasn't too bad until right before she was diagnosed with diabetes, which increased her stress level and in turn her overgrooming. Her food has changed, etc. and no changes in grooming. So we put her on Prozac a month ago. It seems to be helping.
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      03-16-2015 11:59 AM #3
      I'm very sorry to hear about your kitty troubles I can recommend Royal Canin Light 40 indoor cat food as an alternate solution. I've had many kitties over the years, and currently have 3 in the house along with our new puppy. My 12 (ish) year old kitty has always had weight and grooming issues, and once I switched to Royal Canin she took off 2-3 pounds, but also has a very regular bathroom schedule and smells better as well. I feed all the cats the same food as they don't eat all at once and tend to pick among all the food bowls. Even though its light food, none of my cats are thin - just healthy. Hopefully this helps and I also wish a speedy recovery!

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    6. 03-24-2015 03:54 AM #4
      feline has been overgrooming for quite a long time. It began after we got her (my guardians had her for 9 months former and no main problems). No different creatures in the house and she unquestionably joined to us so I think it began as detachment uneasiness. At that point it transformed into an OCD conduct. It wasn't too terrible until just before she was diagnosed with diabetes, which expanded her stretch level and thusly her overgrooming. Her sustenance has changed, and so on and no progressions in prepping. So we put her on Prozac a month back. It is by all accounts making a difference.

    7. 05-04-2015 03:18 PM #5
      Well we switched back to the budget cat food (Whiskas) and she's growing back her fur and has stopped most of the obsessive scratching, there's just one patch she won't leave alone and it's taking really long to heal because she rips off the scabs. It is shrinking, however.

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