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      10-21-2019 10:38 AM #576
      Quote Originally Posted by CruznMalibu View Post
      Glad to see you got your bike back.
      Dealer do a great job or did they miss a few things?
      Any rides planned before the snow flies or just commuting?
      I’m currently at 42.7% Motorbike commuting. I have to do another 32 days to get back to 50%. Not sure that’s going to happen.

      I'm pleased with the repairs. However....

      Dealer called Friday, says “It’s ready - the only thing you need to take care of is a new battery we put in”

      I didn’t ask for a battery, they didn’t call me about a battery. Installed battery was $230. Battery was healthy when I dropped it off, and they claimed it had 0 CCA. I was almost four years old, whatever…

      I have vinyl transparencies on the saddlebag lids which were part of the repair. New saddlebags, new application. It’s a Harley part. They didn’t apply them because they didn’t have the tool required to do so. I wish they would have told me, I could have loaned them my squeegee.

      When I got there I asked if they flushed the brake fluid I asked them to do. Nope.

      I paid for the battery, and they performed the brake flush.

      90 minutes later the bike was ready to go. I paid for the brake flush. I got out to the bike and I noticed that my state inspection sticker was expired.. They were going to let me leave with an expired inspection sticker. Another 30 minutes.

      Mrs McMike was waiting outside the whole time.

      The charged me for the inspection, too.

      I got home and started putting parts back on it, adjusting the bars, etc. Rode it to work this morning.

      The guys have been talking about something this fall once I got the bike back. Overnighter to the beach or something…. Other than that, season is over. It’s all commuting from here on out.
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