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    1. Member A2TDI's Avatar
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      Apr 8th, 2004
      MK2 wannabe Drag car
      08-06-2014 12:30 PM #1
      so im thinking about ditching the 02a and swapping to the 02m simply for power handling capability. does anyone run fast with the 02m in front drive? any high rpm shifting issues? ive been told they can handle 900whp stock woth a diff of course. what are your thoughts?

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    3. Member 10sec-rabbit's Avatar
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      Oct 13th, 2003
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      08-06-2014 07:35 PM #2
      I have one in my Corrado , there are defiantly some serious pros and cons to consider.

      U.S. Gear ratios are not ideal. I imported a 02m Tdi R+P to help

      Shift forks are brass and could be a problem( I have had good luck so far with careful shifting).USP has some steel ones but have no experience with them.

      Rear tranny mount needs to be relocated on the sub-frame along with custom bracket for mk 2.3 corrado

      Custom axles will be needed of course. But easily sourced

      I`ve heard the CV cups can be broken ,but I never had an issue.

      It`s weighs a bunch more than a 02a

      Will need 02m specific flywheel and clutch assembly

      All that said,I have had success with running low 10`s @ 150 in a 2500# car Its been very reliable 3 years and counting.

      I routinely shift above 8500- 9000 and almost never miss a gear, and I think its user error when I do. Mainly 3RD gear.

      Maybe one day I will buy a dog-box but until then 02m is my choice.

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      Jan 4th, 2014
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      08-07-2014 04:17 PM #3
      If you decide to use a 6 spd use a MK6 TDI 02Q it has a 3.45 r&p and has steel shift forks.

      Ed broke 3 sets of diff cups in one weekend and had DSS make direct replacement diff cups that I have yet to see anyone break.
      FFE Racing

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      Sep 20th, 2004
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      08-09-2014 10:03 PM #4
      I am doing the same swap now for the same reasons , the brass shiftforks are not a huge problem it's the rivets that secure them to the shaft so what I did is remove rivets,taped the steel part of the shift fork added high strength bolts and tacked the end of the bolts. The gear ratio should work good from a 1.8t the vr gearing is really low and short. There are videos of a s3 in Europe that actually launches in second and crosses the line in 5th and runs 8s

    7. Member turbodub's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2000
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      08-11-2014 02:35 PM #5
      in a real world drag racing situation you will not find a better and more reliable trans than the sqs dog box for the o2a/j. it has been proven time and time again by any of us who are out racing throughout the season. the ease of building/replacing parts is simple and unless you have a mk4 and up its a much easier swap into a mk2/3.

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