- Over Heating mk1 Rabbit 1.8 8v
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    1. 09-19-2013 06:16 PM #1

      Been having a hard time keeping this car from over heating. All the basics have been checked, water pump, radiator etc. I am trying to keep the water pump fully circulating by blocking off the two outlets on the water pump only allowing the water to flow through the radiator. Has anyone done this? Any other ideas on keeping it cool? This is a circle track race car.

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      09-20-2013 10:29 AM #2
      Check the stat, check the pump, check the timing. 30* or less at 5000rpm
      Try the A2 Rad with A/C spec
      I use a fan for allof my race cars so that you can cool it down when needed.

      The A2 rad is the Golf rad from 1985-1992. With AC, the rad is longer than the early cars and fits. MOL.
      You need to change both hoses to the later hoses.
      Block the air escape routes with sign board /card board etc to flow as much air through the rad as possible.
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    4. 09-20-2013 12:11 PM #3
      if you have a thermostat, that won't work.

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    6. 09-20-2013 12:18 PM #4
      o and i've never kept them cool without a fan, dont see one in the picture. and with a fan, i think you will need an alternator. the fuel pumps in these take lots of power. the one time my alt went away early in the feature, it barely finished as the battery was dying, but maybe others have been successful without
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    7. 09-20-2013 09:50 PM #5
      Thanks for all the replies, yes, their is a fan. I will look for an a2 radiator this week. Also, does having those inlets blocked off ( on pump and head) help?

    8. 09-29-2013 02:41 AM #6
      We block those water passages too. Make sure you have a way to purge air from the system, an air pocket makes for overheating... I don't see an expansion tank, so your rad cap is on the radiator. We use the bigger radiator with expansion tank. Good luck

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      10-01-2013 04:04 PM #7
      as dumb as it sounds, make sure that your fan is spinning the correct direction....

      i have done this before and the car WILL overheat.
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      04-30-2016 07:33 AM #8
      I also have a heat compromised MK1 track car. Its been a while, but what did you figure out?
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