I am a country kid stuck in Houston. I have a diesel truck that I pull my race trailer with as was commuting in it as well. Motorcycle racing keeps me wanting to stay small and fast. Bought a 2000 GTI w/ 1.8T and 5 speed for 2800 bucks. Has a cold air intake and exhaust, loose door panels, no controls for windows and sunroof. Needs two new struts and has at least one CEL. It is low on power but quiet and smooth. Cut out once or twice after some hard driving. Thinking fuel pump. Going to do fuel filter, oil and oil filter tonight and pull the intake pump.

Does my gti have both a transfer pump and a main injection pump like my diesels?

Cutting out sporadically and after long drives a stall out occurs when throttle is chopped and drivetrain is in a neutral state. Thinking fuel pump for sure but I'm thinking I Ought to give it the once over?

Boots at turbo, infer cooler, manifold gaskets
O2 sensors
Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Possible secondary fuel pump
Timing (doubtful as its smooth and quiet)
Coils or coil packs? (Don't know **** about gas motors)
Distributor cap/rotor
Fuel pressure regulator

What else could contribute to low power, stumbling, and cutouts?

I put this in the misc race section because this is what I get paid to do on the weekends:

Kicking it with Colin Edwards at DirtWars