- Camshaft for solid lifter 8v w/ CIS?
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      01-22-2013 09:42 AM #1
      You guys have been a help to me before so here goes. I use my mk2 for track days, the occasional autocross, and very limited street duty. Currently has ABA block with JH head that's been ported, polished, decked, 5 angle valve job. Also have a tri-y header and 2.25in cat-less exhaust. Regular old factory, unmodified CIS-Lambda. We are planning on replacing the springs with HD soon(currently using the stock double springs that were shimmed to the correct seat pressure). While we are in there, I thought it might be nice to gain some higher end power (we originally built the car with autocross in mind). These are the specs for the current Comp cam in the car- .

      I don't want to lose the low end punch of the 2.0, and I'm sure it's probably physically impossible to make a rev-monster out of a 2.0 with stock internals anyway, but is there a particular cam one might recommend to help me keep up with track traffic a bit better? Was thinking about this one but I can't seem to find anything specific on the interwebs about what profiles are safe/effective to use with CIS/Lambda. FWIW I don't really need this to be spec for any racing class, I'm just out to have a good time

      Bonus question: While I'm in the cylinder head, titanium retainers: will I notice a difference?

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      01-22-2013 09:44 AM #2
      Not an engine guru but schrick 268 would be my choice u get into the 288 cams its more high rev top end as for retainers u won't see a difference but if Ur doing what u are the upgrade is worth it ...
      Hmm 274 might be what Ur after all u can do is run it and see ya know
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      01-23-2013 09:00 AM #3
      Ilike the TT 268 ,"Brazilian" cam for running under 6200, The 4/2/1 header runs better under 6000. So match the cam to the header and stock style intake,IMHO.

      The 278 or more, likes 4000 RPM and over.The intake and exhaust are done when the cam is getting happy.
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      11-22-2015 01:53 PM #4
      I think the above post lists Hydraulic cams. Since your Comp Cams is solid lifter I assume that is what you are looking for. The TT 274/270 solid cam is a good choice but you will probably have to run it at 2' advance to keep more low end torque for autocrossing. The G-grind is still a great cam that has more lift and duration than the one you list as in there now. The G grind offers great torque and pull strong up to around 6000 rpm then still pulls but less pronounced above that.

      Euro "G" Solid pt# 109 070 -- 230°/228°@ 0.050 / .423"I/.423"E lift /110° lobe center / 4.5° BTDC intake open @ 0.050 / Good Idle 2000-6000

      274°/270° pt# 109 506 -- 240°/236°@0.050 / .444"I/.436"E lift / 111° lobe center/ 7.9° BTDC intake open @ 0.050 / Fair Idle 2500-6500

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