I've been going crazy over watches lately and since my current income allows me little else other than paying my rent, studying and eating, I've developed an interest in cheaper timepieces from weird places not necessarily reknown for their watchmaking prowess.

I've order two in the last weeks off. First one is an SMT Sona. Indian-made, 17 jewel mechanical wind. From what I read apparently their movements are pretty tough, accuracy has not yet been determined.

Came with a cheap croco-textured faux-leather band that's too colorful for me, I'll probably try to get a lizard or stingray band for it with a deployment clasp when funds become available. I bought this to be a baller on a budget type of thing, in stereotypically gaudy gold.

Next is late 80's Pobeda, also 17 jewel mechanical. I impulse-bought this one off ebay, sniped it for under 20$ shipped, it was a miscategorized auction with very little visibility (love those). Seems to hold good time, but I have now idea what kind of use I'll put it through. Band also needs replacement, it's probably the cheapest faux-leather I've ever seen.

In due time I'd really like to get my hands on a Parnis or a Seagull.

I wanna see your own Chinese / Indian / Soviet / third world watches!