- Switched from 760 Sports to SS-04 Pole Positions
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      06-29-2012 07:09 PM #1
      Edit: meant S-04...thinking about my PSS-10's.

      Bridgestone Potenza series tires. Been running the 760 Sports for 3 sets now...
      With PSS-10's dropped all the way these tires have consistently gotten my close to 30,000 miles a set on my '08 VR6 Wagon.
      But with this new tire I just had to try them.
      My initial reaction is that they handle about 20% better (yes, taking into account my old tires were close to worn out and these are new)...
      I'll report back within the week how they handle in the rain.
      The 760's handled very nicely in wet weather and seemed quite predictable...65mph in heavy storms was normal. Maybe it's the AWD that helps that though.
      These are supposed to be rated a bit better in rain and (of course, like the 760's) not to be driven in snow.

      I'll report back as I continue to drive but thought I'd share with those of you in a similar situation who may be wondering about what to put on next.
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