- Psybervw's 2001 225Q 6MT Resto-Mod (re)Build Thread
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      03-22-2012 08:01 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by 20v master View Post
      People tend to think the synchros are worn when they have shifting issues. Usually it's more alignment of the shift linkage and/or clutch issues. You won't know about the synchros until you take it apart. I was really surprised when I had my FWD 02M apart after breaking a fork, expecting to find a lot of synchro damage after 50K miles with over 400 FWHP and lots of drag racing, etc. The synchros were fine and I'd say the shift fork broke due to a stripped nut on top of the transmission linkage, allowing slop in the linkage itself. The upgraded forks, if you aren't talking about just having the rivets removed and replaced with bolts, are expensive, and there's no need for them if you're keeping the car stockish, which is sounds like you're leaning towards.

      I'm not really envisioning 400hp - but a little flash tuning might be in order. I've seen a 3rd gear fork for about $200. The other two, I was thinking of buying a pair of the ones people around here have been making/selling (the welded jobs). I guess my other option is the newer OEM piece with the larger rivet?

      I've had one or two instances where I was locked out of 1st or had the gear pop out of 6th - but otherwise my 1-2 and 5-6 have been fine.

      Not sure if it's over-kill / better or worse - but I was also considering just finding a stock 02M from another car and dropping it in. Then selling what's left of mine to recover the difference. Just so I don't have to open it up.. But then I think it would be highly likely I'm back in this situation again soon -- so I'm thinking more of taking it off and either sending it off to be rebuilt (I saw someone here advertising rebuilds for $300?) or tackling it myself.

      I'm totally open to suggestions from you guys who've been through this. This is my first time really getting my hands dirty on this car. It's always been "too nice" for me to mess with and I've had most work done at the dealer.

      If it weren't for the time crunch, I'd be less hesitant to just say I'll do it myself. But I'm only home 3 days a week (if I'm lucky) and it would take me 3 years just to get the car up on jackastands

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      03-22-2012 08:05 PM #27
      It's really not hard just to replace the fork, just a lot of work to get the trans out and helps to have 4 hands to get the halves of the case back together, but no crazy special tools are required.

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