- Psybervw's 2001 225Q 6MT Resto-Mod (re)Build Thread
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      03-13-2012 04:58 AM #1
      I didn't know what else to call this... But I basically want to keep a log of my attempt to keep this car running. Boils down to a progressive resto-mod build, as the car nears 100K miles and I need to start replacing everything*

      *a few things...

      My style is typically OEM+ so I may use a few aftermarket parts or a few OEM parts, but I want the car to retain a "could have been from the factory" look, while still being somewhat unique.


      I fell in love with the lines of the TT since the concept debuted while I was in college. I would sit in class and draw the shape over and over as doodles in my notebook. I was in my 2nd job out of college when the New Beetle debuted. I had a 1966 Beetle and was pretty excited about the upcoming New Beetle. I had a deposit on the MY2000 1.8T New Beetle and finally got mine in late 1999. I hadn't really thought of the TT any more, so it was just kind of "out of sight, out of mind."

      A few years later I had an A6 in for service and wandered over to the used car portion of the VW/Audi dealership. I was already itching for a GTi, and I came across 2 similar TTs priced about the same as a new GTi. The light came on, and "why not a TT?" became "Which TT?"

      I bought this car as an Audi CPO in 2004. It was off a 3 year lease (corporate rental from Michigan that somehow made its way to San Diego after being turned in.) I paid around $25k for it with 25,000 miles as an Audi CPO vehicle.
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