I haven't been to any track days before but plan on hitting up a few this year. Any suggestions as to which MI tracks are the best? I'm looking for something with some pretty decent turns but more importantly, I want a rather fast track (faster than highway speeds, a straight away that lets me push 100mph). From the research I've done, Waterford Hills is really tight and doesn't let you go very fast. Grattan, Gingerman and Mid-ohio seem pretty good. Anyone driven any of these tracks that could tell me the types of speeds you were pushing?

Here's a schedule of this year's track days in MI for those of you who are interested. (Borrowed from DuckStu at xceedspeed):

"Open Track Days, Driving Schools, Time Trials, etc 2012 !
Ok,.. so track days are beginning to appear on the 2012 schedule. I will post them as they come up. Sometimes actual registrations aren't working until the spring,.....

More track days appear on the calendar every few weeks, some like MIVE and WMHM don't seem to get scheduled until mid-summer.
I'll be updating this list as they come up. So be sure to check back in occasionally.

8 Open Track Days,... 4 Driving School days,.. and 1 Time Trial.

Driving Schools:
May 10..... Waterford W/ SEMPCA
July 9..... Waterford W/ SEMPCA
August 9..... Waterford W/ SEMPCA
Sept 13..... Waterford W/ SEMPCA

Open Track Days:
April 14 Gingerman W/ 3-Balls racing (Sat)
April 15 Gingerman W/ 3-Balls racing (Sun)

May 28 Grattan W/ AROC (Mon)

July 28 Grattan W/ 3-Balls racing (Thurs)
July 29 Grattan W/ 3-Balls racing (Fri)

July 4 Waterford Time Trial with CCM

Sept 8 Grattan W/ 3-Balls racing (Sat)
Sept 9 Grattan W/ 3-Balls racing (Sun)

Oct 27 Mid-Ohio W/ 3-Balls racing (Sat)
Oct 28 Mid-Ohio W/ 3-Balls racing (Sun)

Registration links:

3Balls site http://www.3ballsracing.com/index.ph...page&Itemid=12
Waterford Hills OTD site http://www.waterfordhills.com/cms/news.php
Grattan Raceway http://www.grattanraceway.com/schedule.html
Gingerman Raceway http://www.gingermanraceway.com/
BMWCCA (BMW Car Club of America) Detroit chapter, http://motorcitybmwcca.org/
BMWCCA (BMW Car Club of America) Northern Ohio chapter http://www.nohiobmwcca.org/
SEMPCA (South Eastern Michigan Porsche Club of America) http://www.sempca.org/waterford/index.html
WMiPCA (Western Michigan Porsche Club of America) http://wmi.pca.org/calendar.htm
Great Lakes Lotus Club http://gllc.motorsportreg.com/
MIVE (Michigan Volkswagon Enthusiasts) http://michiganvw.org/
AROC (Alfa Romeo Owners Club) http://www.aroc-usa.org/chapters/home.php?Vclub=09
ACNA (Audi Club North America) Mi. Chapter http://audiclubna.org/acna-events-to...ion-topmenu-74
WMHM (Western Michigan Honda Meet) http://wmhm.org/index.html
Digital Corvettes http://www.digitalcorvettes.com/foru...d.php?t=132764
CCM (Corvette Club of Michigan) http://www.corvetteclubmi.com/images...aterford11.pdf"