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    1. 03-26-2020 11:40 PM #626
      Quote Originally Posted by allenyang View Post
      I had a similar issue. I ended up replacing the solenoids. There is a way to check if the solenoids are in good condition. Check my previous replies.
      There is not way to check the solenoids because the valve they are suppose to open gets clogged with metallic sludge from the differential gears.
      You just have to grind the caps off, ream them out, and press new caps on that come with the kit.
      But also do all the drillings specified in the kit.
      The tiny original drilling as almost microscopic, and much too easily clogged up.

      And by the way, clunking is a sign of an automatic working well.
      The faster it shifts from one gear to another, the better.
      The PROBLEM with the 09G is when the valve body gets clogged and you hear the whining sound of slipping.
      That is when you have to stop driving it.

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    3. 03-26-2020 11:45 PM #627
      Quote Originally Posted by BadBoyBeetle View Post
      I just acquired a 2004 Beetle 1.8 Turbo Convertible from an auction. One of the silliest things I've ever done. So I haven't had the bug for very long because as soon as I picked it up, it started to give me problems. My problem is the trans wont engage 4th, it revs and goes back to 3rd and I was getting "gear 4 out of ratio" code. Between 1st and 3rd there were no problems. So I did the first thing most people do, I flushed the trans and used VW fluid from the dealership but nothing changed. So before I got on this forum I read in another forum that a solenoid was possibly causing this issued. I replaced all the solenoids with a rebuilt set from Amazon. Also nothing changed. Then I read in another forum that the T2 clutch is known for causing this symptom due to a bad clutch sleeve that causes leakage and a repair kit from Sonnax could be the solution. Unfortunately I sent for the kit before testing the clutch because once tested it seems to be working just fine when air pressure is applied. After reading ALL the great info posted here, I'm not sure which way to go now. If the clutch is working why mess with it, right? There seems to be a leak around the cooler on top of the trans and I can smell coolant after driving the car for a few blocks. I'm definitely learning tons from this forum, by far the most accurate and informative I have found to this point. I know there are a few more things I need to check before I continue to replace parts. After reading that some people solved their problems fixing connectors, cooler, resetting shifting, etc., I think I should try some of those solutions before swapping more parts but I was almost ready to try rebuilding the VB using the small can solenoids as you suggested above. I just haven't seen postings addressing my particular problem and that provided possible solutions. It seems that most problems are related to issues with 1-2 gears and rough shifting, etc. Have you seen problems like mine or do you have any suggestions/ideas of things I can try that could possibly help me find a solution?

      I already posted the repair kit I have been successfully using.
      But you will also notice the transmission works best when cold.
      So then you should wonder why they put hot coolant from the engine, into the transmission cooler?
      That is gong to heat it up, not cool it down.
      So what I did was to add a heater core as a cooler for the transmission totally separated from the engine coolant.
      No pump is needed since convention and conduction is all that is needed.
      It will run about 90 degrees cooler, so then will work much better.

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