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    Thread: Dyno Help

    1. Member cazzz's Avatar
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      Feb 12th, 2010
      Melbourne, FL
      '04 GLI 1.8T 6-Speed
      04-15-2011 06:43 PM #1
      Just purchased an '04 GLI 1.8T

      After a complete paint job I had it in for a stock dyno run.

      Flashed APR Stage 1 and completed a 93 Octane Run

      These are to be my base runs for all future mods.

      The runs are all done

      [email protected]
      [email protected]

      Why would the runs be recorded this way instead of @RPM? What use are they?

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      Feb 24th, 2010
      CO Springs
      '84 rabbit 20v 1.8t BT
      06-03-2011 11:36 AM #2
      The dyno records speed of the roller (and wheel) in mph. You can read rpm from the ignition system, but with COPs it's a bit trickier to do, and unless you tell the operator to do it specifically I'm not surprised that they didn't do it.

      If you want to know the rpm that your runs were done at, all you really need to know is what gear the pulls were done in. You can check the rpm/mph ration by simply driving in that gear. This will only be as accurate as your speedo, so you can also look up the gear ratios for your tranny and get the rpm from mph numbers.

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