- Definition of a new car??
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    1. Member litespeed65's Avatar
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      01-22-2011 03:09 AM #1
      Simple question- How many miles/kilometers can a person expect to find on their brand new car at the time of delivery? I had 56 km when I checked out on Thursday. Is there a reasonable explanation for 30+ miles of driving? (testing in Germany/Hungary, pre-delivery tests by Audi mechanics or joy riding by the Audi dealership?) I had asked a lot of questions and noticed the mileage, but forgot to mention it.
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    3. 01-22-2011 10:23 AM #2
      I have bought like three new vehicles in the past, and they always came with less than 10 miles. Maybe the car you are getting is one of those that people test to see if they like it. And they still call it new, because it has not been bought.

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      01-22-2011 04:08 PM #3
      I think it depends on the situation. If you ordered your car, and it was produced specifically for you. I think you should get that car with less than 20 miles. More than that means someone at the dealer thought it would be fun to take if for a spin, or take a potential buyer for a demo ride. I think that's ridiculous, unless you agreed to it.

      The definition of a new car is one that hasn't been sold or titled. I guess there is no mileage limitation. Obviously cars bought off the lot will likely have test drive miles on them. You can imagine that might be a couple of hundred miles sometimes. I've had dealers offer me cars to keep for a day to test drive.

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    6. Member Regina_TT's Avatar
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      01-22-2011 07:41 PM #4
      We have a Panther Black TTS in the showroom that was at 70km after PDI. 30+ miles is not unusual for a new car to be picked up with.
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      01-22-2011 09:53 PM #5
      When I unwrapped mine it had 9 miles. 19 after PDI.

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      01-24-2011 12:36 AM #6
      I believe my TTS had 3 or 4 miles on it when I first got in. I drove it an additional 35 miles before committing to buying it.
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