- Variable Timing Problem - NEED HELP
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    1. Semi-n00b
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      Aug 27th, 2014
      08-29-2014 01:03 AM #26

      I did remove the upper timing chain. and I can rock them back and forth easily, so they don't seem to be binding. Before installing the chain I did pre load the adjusters as stated on a few online articles.

      Well before I stripped the engine to remove the sludge I used vag com to test the solenoids and tested ok, I have applied voltage to the solenoids as well and they expand and contract as normal, I have stripped and cleaned them as well including the housing they bolt onto and cleaned the fine mesh filter.

      The motor as I said has been completely redone, and has not started as yet due to the slipping issue on the adjusters, only been rotated by hand so I presume there are quit a lot of components that have not been lubricated by the oil pressure, however all components were lubricated by hand to ensure no parts stick or grind on each other.

      However I did find the following today, not sure if it could be the cause as I have not re assembled yet to test, but what I found was that the tensioner bolt the screws in on the side of the engine that pushes against the one guide was not bled as per posts on the web. It was able to be compressed by hand. After compressing the tensioner bolt in oil a few times until all the air bubbles came out it became much harder to compress by hand, much harder. So I am not sure if there wasn't enough pressure on the timing chain causing this issue.

      So to recap, I rechecked all the timing marks, including the brass links on the timing chain and the arrows on the adjusters are corresponding to the notches on the housing unit. I have cleaned the camshaft adjusters as they look like they came out of the box and cleaned the solenoids and there housing unit.

      All the timing marks are correct and there is no slack on the timing chain, except where I must install the tensioner bolt. I have also pre loaded the camshaft adjuster as noted on a few online manuals.

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    3. 04-21-2019 10:14 AM #27
      I'm having a similar issue with my 2003 Eurovan. I have 185,000 miles on the motor, timing chain/guides/etc. changed at 145,000 but I've had two episodes where when starting it falls out of idle and dies while throwing camshaft crankshaft incorrect correlation codes. My mechanics was able to fix by using a power probe to free up the actuators by applying power to the solenoid and flushing with clean oil. This fixes the problem for a short period of time. I'm hoping there is a more permanent fix but some magic fluid that can clean out the actuators without having to replace which are super expensive as you have to replace the whole assembly.


    4. 06-22-2019 10:40 AM #28
      Quote Originally Posted by PhReE View Post
      Beagley, my car ran for years with the issue too, and it ran seemingly fine, and then replacing all the timing stuff fixed it. Are you sure you dont have the cam sensors plugged in backwards? (the sensors have the same plug and can be reversed, the solenoids to control the sprockets do not)

      Eurotech, you might be correct about the metal filings in the screen. I dont know how easy it is to take all that stuff apart tho. spankbang redtube beeg.
      It showed P0011 and P0340 codes. My car has 110K miles on it so I doubt the chains are stretched (and from what I understand the position of exhaust cam in relevance to crank would be off as well). I'm absolutely sure it was never apart so incorrect installation is ruled out as well.

      Cleaning the adjuster is something that I think will help. I found one report of some oil pickup screen (somewhere around the adjuster) getting clogged with sludge causing the same issue. Do I have to remove the adjusters AND take them apart to clean them?

      By the way the picture you posted definitely helps, do you have any more on the same topic? Thank you.
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