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    1. Member syncrogti's Avatar
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      Sep 5th, 2005
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      05-20-2010 02:24 PM #1
      NOT require a HANS type device? That thing is so stinkin expensive? I know I know, its a safety device so its worth it but...

      What are the governing bodies? I know of Rally America, Nasa Rally sport, which others exist in the US?

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    3. Member fliz's Avatar
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      May 2nd, 2006
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      05-21-2010 05:52 PM #2
      Those are the only two in the US.

      SCCA does hillclimbs, and I'm sure there are some prep levels in that venue that don't require H&N restraint.

      BTW...there are multiple vendors that offer rent-to-own programs on H&N restraints.

    4. 06-13-2010 10:40 PM #3
      I have no idea what the politics on that side of the country are these days, but I think Ivan's Rally New York, Ltd broke away from NASA RallySport a couple of years ago and could therefore be considered a third sanctioning body. I think he requires H&N's at his events though.

      Is confusing. We have sanctioning bodies with series (RA, CARS, RNY). We have sanctioning bodies with subseries (RA Regionals, NRS Atlantic Cup). We overlay series that include multiple sanctioning bodies (USRC, NARC, CRS). We have an overlay series that used to include multiple sanctioning bodies but now only includes one sanctioning body (MaxAttack). We have an overlay series that used to just include one sanctioning body but now has one event from another sanctioning body (Southwest Cup/Pikes Peak). Then, just to make things more confusing, we have an event that's sanctioned by one sanctioning body whose points count towards another sanctioning body's series, but not towards a subseries (RA/Idaho/Southwest Cup).

      All this for only about 300 active competitors on the entire flippin' continent.

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