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    1. Geriatric Member 16v's Avatar
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      Aug 4th, 1999
      laying the smack down from MA for 20+ years
      '19 Q5 Prem+, '14 Cdale Carbon Synapse, '12 Cdale Bad Boy, '06 3.2 Avant
      02-10-2010 12:42 PM #1
      This thread will serve as an area for readers to buy or sale drag racing related items.
      Please keep in mind the following points when posting here
      When selling an item, you must include a price
      Once your item sells, it would be nice if you could delete your post
      Use IM or e-mail the seller if you have questions, don't post them in this thread
      As mentioned already, in order to keep things orderly, the other For Sale threads will be locked and the originators should repost in this thread

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    3. 02-10-2010 09:54 PM #2
      Through some trading, I've come across a set of four Hoosier drag slicks. They are item #18110, D06 compound, 26.0 x 8 x 15 with lots of rubber left.
      They were previously on a subaru dragcar that ran 9's. It could have gone faster but the owner was afraid to engage the nitrous!
      I'll get some photos but I wanted to get the word out asap.
      These list for $166.95 each at Summit. I'll sell the set for $280.
      You can post-up or send me a PM if you'd like more information.

      Modified by Dave Corbitt at 8:56 PM 2-10-2010
      St.Louis Blues hockey fan!
      The blackhawks suck.

    4. 02-10-2010 10:33 PM #3
      UPDATED 2-13-10!!!!

      Spearco FMIC, like 8.5" x 20" x 3.5" core i think it is? 2.5" in/out. Nate is in the process of getting this. a big supporter of the rabbit part out, him.
      A-1000 fuel pump and 13109 boost referenced FPR with 100 micron in and 10 micron out filters. with all lines and fittings. Ben is going different route, [email protected] (who picked up my Bogarts frt and rr ) is making some decisions on this stuff

      Siemens Deka 750cc low imp injectors. never ran in my car $140 shipped USPS priority in USA.
      i think i still have a full CCM gearstack, unmolested, somewhere. even still with the R&P as well. and a 4cyl case to go with. can have it assembled to be a full 4cyl trans with 3.39 R&P (factory CCM spec with 4cyl bellhousing) price TBA if someone is interested i will look for it
      Mocal thermostatic oil filter plate and long oil cooler. i have SS braided lines/AN fittings with them. $150 plus ship/fee Paul is in the process of picking this up

      Clutchnet 2xRED dual diaphragm PP. $75 + ship/fee Tim/Tim want it. count it tentatively SOLD

      Sachs Power Kit VR6 PP. $45 + ship/fee
      some picture or so.

      i would hate to have to ship, i looked into it once for a typical Poortex tire kicker (no pun intended.) i think it was ~$100 or so to ship in boxes a year ago plus. but i have them and local sale would be sweet. one pair new TSW Volcano 17" rims 5x100 with 205/40/17 BFG DR's. made 2 passes on a stock Jetta (at the cost of an axle LOL). also have a new pair of 205-50/15 BFG DR's that saw maybe 10 miles street use while trying to make the shifter cable alignment.

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    6. 02-10-2010 11:12 PM #4
      also, i have a really nice electric waterpump setup for the older external water pump 4cyl motors. not for the faint of heart. as in, 16volt setup or figure out an alternator somehow. i ran it with a 16V setup with step-down box.
      Davies Craig water pump with controller, and a SCCH adapter. was bucks. serious inquiries....

    7. Geriatric Member need_a_VR6's Avatar
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      May 19th, 1999
      Oxford, PA
      15 Jetta 92 Corrado VR6
      02-11-2010 01:58 PM #5
      FS: Pair F1 Spec Type 3 Fiberglass seats, not used but slightly damaged from moving (scratches on back of one and bottom of other). Otherwise in good shape. Very light.
      300 firm for the PAIR!
      1992 Corrado - ALL MOTOR Drag Project [email protected] and falling
      KPTuned - Official MegaSquirt: Sales - Repair - Installation - Tuning

    8. Member broke_rado's Avatar
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      Nov 5th, 2008
      If it was up your ass you'd know it
      90 Corrado G60
      02-11-2010 10:52 PM #6
      my car forsale... perfect for a starter 10 sec. drag car
      540whp, 450wtq ALL STOCK VR6 built by ---> dubsquared

    9. Member turbo12v's Avatar
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      Jul 10th, 2003
      Hackettstown, NJ
      02-12-2010 08:23 AM #7
      a2 jetta vrt 3" exhaust, down pipe, and cutout

    10. Banned
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      Feb 9th, 2005
      02-15-2010 11:50 PM #8
      Wheels are sold. Slicks still available.

    11. Member turbodub's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2000
      garden state
      94 golf
      02-16-2010 08:17 AM #9
      o2a/j quaife 6speed syncro gearset, all gears are cryo treated except third which is a newer gear. this trans is currently still in my car. i will include the whole gearstacks with syncros, bearings and hubs. right now it has a 3.64 r&p which i will also include. i can also switch it out to a cryotreated 3.39. this gearset is awesome and holds my measley 685hp car, just looking to go another direction. here are the pics and info from autotech.
      asking $3000 for all gears, hubs, syncros and whatever r&p you want that i have. i can also build the trans for you if youre somewhat local or want to ship. contact me and lets make a deal

    12. 02-16-2010 05:53 PM #10
      SOLD Thanks guys !
      GT4088R Ball Bearing works fine good cartridge never smoked. $750
      New this turbo cost $ 1900 from ATP
      I will drop the price slightly if you dont need the 3" 90 I welded on.
      Thanks for looking
      Matt Arruda
      [email protected]
      774 406 7676
      1: On the GT4088R the 40 means it is a GT40 turbine wheel which is 77mm and 73 trim all of the GT40 turbine wheels have these specs, now the 88 means that the EXDUCER is 88mm 54 trim and Inducer is 64.7mm and the compressor housing is .72 A/R

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    13. Member
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      Jul 26th, 2001
      93 Passat VEEARRRRRRRRR
      02-16-2010 06:11 PM #11
      thats a sick deal for a 40r
      Eurodyne Maestro Tuning, Stand-Alone ECU Install/Tuning/Wiring Harnesses

    14. 02-16-2010 08:23 PM #12

      Modified by AudiTToR at 4:27 AM 2-24-2010

    15. 02-17-2010 08:12 AM #13

      As you can see from the pics, the car pretty much needs a motor and trans and is ready to rock and roll.
      I planned on dropping in our back up motor to the TT, but that project ate up all my funds for the 2010 season. This has got to go
      Car has roll bar so its good down to 9.99 or 135mph ,26inch slicks on Bogarts in the front, skinnies on bogarts in the back, (Slicks and skinnies are weathered and will more than likely need replacement) aluminum dash, racing seat, modified steering column, raxles for 02j (One boot will need to be replaced, 5 gallon fuel cell, Koni with eibach springs for suspension. Hatch is shaved as well as Front Bumper.
      Roll Bar was created and installed by Kens Kustom Chassis. Will pass certification.
      Title in Hand
      Car is light obviously. It does not have a sunroof.
      Have more pics upon request as well.
      Looking to sell outright for 2250 picked up.

      Modified by AudiTToR at 5:41 AM 2-23-2010

    16. Member XXX008XXX's Avatar
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      Mar 25th, 2002
      2000 GTI 1.8t, 72 Standard Beetle, 95 Eagle Talon TSI Auto, 2002 Chevy Tahoe
      02-17-2010 12:49 PM #14
      R32 crank. asking $800. pics on request. PM me.

    17. 02-17-2010 04:52 PM #15
      HKS EVC VI Boost Controller
      Retails for over $600
      Used for 1k Miles
      Everything Included
      Asking $400 OBO

      Quote, originally posted by »
      The new HKS EVC has improved boost stability for maintaining pressure at high RPMs providing increased top-end power, and a new mapping feature allows boost pressure to be precisely tuned for throttle + RPM (or vehicle speed). The new EVC also offers a selectable kPa or PSI unit of measure, and a unique warning feature where if over boosting occurs, boost pressure can be programmed to drop to a user preset level. The new target boost setting and volume knob with three button user interface makes setup and tuning intuitive and simple. The design of the new EVC features a sleek black case with a clear acrylic faceplate and a positive lit LCD display offering a sophisticated look.

      High Boost Capability
      Target Boost
      User inputs target boost level, and the EVC automatically adjusts pressure to reach desired level.
      Offset Function
      If boost exceeds or does not achieve user’s target, boost pressure can be offset to reach desired level.
      Map Correction Mode
      Boost pressure can be fine tuned for: Throttle Position, RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position + RPM, or Throttle Position + Vehicle Speed.
      Dual Boost Mode Settings
      Separate A and B boost levels can be input independently from each other, and selected depending on driving conditions.
      Scramble Boost Function
      When the scramble boost trigger is depressed a preset boost increase will occur for a predetermined time (0-60seconds).
      External Scramble Boost Trigger compatible.
      Metric or SAE selectable monitoring
      Users can choose during initial setup metric (kPa) or SAE (PSI) boost pressure measurement for monitoring.
      Warning Function with Boost Drop Feature
      A user preset warning level can be set where visual and audible alerts occur if the warning level is reached. Boost pressure can be preset to drop too a user defined level if pressure reaches warning level.
      Analog and Digital Boost Monitoring
      Boost pressure can be displayed in both an analog bar graph format and a digital numerical value.
      Additional Digital Monitoring
      Along with Boost Pressure two additional vehicle vitals can be monitored: Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
      Selectable Analog Monitoring
      The digital bar graph can be set to monitor: Boost Pressure, Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
      After Image Function
      Users can set the EVC to display the highest boost pressure reached for 3-seconds after the throttle has been released.
      Peak Hold
      The EVC will store to memory and keep displayed the maximum boost achieved.
      Data Lock
      To prevent accidental data changes from occurring, the EVC can be locked with a user defined four digit code.
      Positive LCD display with LED Lighting
      Black foreground with white background and LED lighting provides excellent visibility during both daytime and nighttime use.
      Dimmer Function
      Brightness of display can be adjusted for user comfort.
      Rear Mounted Wiring harness
      For a clean and simple installation the wiring harness connects to the back of the EVC unit.

      Asking $400 OBO

      Modified by nofear0788 at 4:55 PM 2-17-2010

    18. Member XXX008XXX's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 25th, 2002
      2000 GTI 1.8t, 72 Standard Beetle, 95 Eagle Talon TSI Auto, 2002 Chevy Tahoe
      02-18-2010 07:43 PM #16

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    19. Banned
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      Feb 6th, 2010
      02-19-2010 06:24 PM #17
      considering selling my backup 20v head, now that the big motor and solid lifter setup is going in.
      its a ported out AWP head, and i made 592 AWHP with it. in FWD mode it spun tire on dyno @ ~550WHP with the 35R @ 28-29 psi and 7800 rpm. and this was with stock valves as well. on the track it spun 83-8400 rpm and 36 psi....
      parts in it are as follows.
      AWP head, ported out majorly.
      CAT cast 3652 cams, new from QED.
      OEM hydro lifters, new from QED at the same time as the new cams.
      Supertech springs and retainers, again new at the time of the cams.
      Supertech Inconel exhaust valves, 3 groove, new 19 dyno pulls ago.
      Supertech SS Nitrided intake valves, +1mm and 3 groove, never run with these in it yet.
      the cams and lifters and springs have very little use, the exhaust valves have slight use, the intakes are unused at all.
      i also have a Piper vernier cam pulley i had never installed. it is for an AEB style setup. and i used this with a 16V manual tensioner setup also. it has the Integrated Engineering SAI blockoff plate on it, too.
      it has just been recently gone over and redone. did ~70 degree cut behind intake valves to actually utilize the +1mm diameter valve, and a fresh 3-angle valve job done.
      i would have to say i have >$3k into it.
      serious persons apply, tire kickers can keep their time because i havent any to return for you.
      i know it looks like i am new here, but looks can be deceiving.

      and a couple cell phone pix.....

      Modified by thereturn2010 at 9:30 AM 2-20-2010

    20. 02-23-2010 09:24 PM #18
      used for 2 dyno sessions and 20 passes 400 shipped to lower 48

    21. 02-23-2010 09:27 PM #19
      This is a 5 point system with a quick release, it worked great for me.
      100 Shipped

    22. Member v-dubin@120's Avatar
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      Sep 18th, 2005
      Fife, Wa
      1991 all-motor 16v gti drag car, 1997 F250HD 7.3L powerstroke, 99.5 2.0 Golf, 2001 7.3L Excursion
      02-26-2010 09:09 PM #20
      Quote, originally posted by corradogirlie »
      UPDATED 2-13-10!!!!

      A-1000 fuel pump and 13109 boost referenced FPR with 100 micron in and 10 micron out filters. with all lines and fittings. Ben is going different route, [email protected] (who picked up my Bogarts frt and rr ) is making some decisions on this stuff

      This Stuff is sold to me. Thanks Aaron.
      Also: Aaron wanted me to mention that if anyone is interested in any of his stuff, You have to find a way to get ahold of him, as he can no longer get onto this site. He just doesnt want anyone ot think he is ignoring them.

    23. Member boost_addict's Avatar
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      Dec 4th, 2009
      souderton pa
      VEMS Audi S2 , & VEMS sponsored GTI.
      02-27-2010 10:14 PM #21
      i have a CRU trans that was a backup for our 16v. it has a 4.24 r&p
      main stack is close to a CCM.
      trans 200 picked up
      PTE 67m VEMS powered VR6 Audi S2

    24. Senior Member TBT-Syncro's Avatar
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      Apr 28th, 2001
      92 VR-T syncro GTI, 2011 husaberg FS570, 2014 Aprilia Tuono V4 APRC
      03-04-2010 05:18 PM #22
      Schrick solid lifter AEB race head
      AEB head
      - Extreme port/polish
      - Schrick solid lifter conversion
      - Titanium retainers
      - Big valves (Schrick) 27.5mm and 30mm
      - Race cams (specs below)
      - Recently re-shimmed
      - New lash caps
      - 2 new valves
      - Cleaned
      - Machined
      Recent work done, almost 30 hours of recent work. Valve-train supports up to 10,500 rpms. Parts alone for the conversion are over 2,500 Euros, not including the head, the machining, port/polish, and labour. This would cost 5-6k to reproduce. all head work done by Lance Hayward
      Head has minimal mileage (no mileage since most recent rebuild)
      do not have flow data
      cam specs
      lift duration timing lift at TDC valv clearance
      10mm 296/104 44-72 3.7mm 0.25mm
      lift duration timing lift at TDC valv clearance
      11.5mm 292/104 70-42 3.8mm 0.35mm

    25. Member bmxvr6's Avatar
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      Dec 11th, 2000
      Malvern, PA
      2016 A3 2.0t Quattro
      03-05-2010 09:01 AM #23
      Here is a good start for a race car or a fun street car for someone who knows what they are doing, price is negotiable:

    26. 03-07-2010 01:34 AM #24

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    27. Member dawgpound's Avatar
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      Jan 23rd, 2006
      03-09-2010 03:55 PM #25
      Bfg g-force drag radials 205 50 r15
      8-10 passes on them. Still very new
      looking for $150 picked up in jersey

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