I went some days ago on a VW dealer (the same that made the killing "service" wich made my DSG having problems never resolved "see my related post for more info")..
I went over a salesman and asked him how much it would be worth my GTI to "trade" for a new VW polo 1.2 liter with the manual tranny..
Initially he valued my GTI with 45.000 miles about 10.000 euros (over a 15.000 euros price to pay for the new polo I wanted to buy).. then when I told him that I had a DSG tranny he started to say that they had "problems" getting it back for the same value (10.000 euros) because he sayd """automatics are harder to sell and cost more to mantain""
then after a call (wich I can't tell if was fake or true) to the Dealer director he sayd that they could take it back for no more than 8000 euros.. (2000 EUROS DIFFERENCE BECAUSE OF THE DSG??)
Useless to say that I did not buy the polo and waved him goodbye..
I am really mad about this because NONE of the salesman ever mention all of the possible DSG issues when they sell a car with one.. (wich cost even more than the manual version) EVEN if you ask them about reliability issues they keep telling people that DSG are bullet proof..
then if you buy one they are unable to fix the problems on this kind of tranny (just change the entire gearbox until warranty expires then ask you 5000 euros or more if you need a new one out of warranty) and basically REFUSE to even get them back with an "onest" value..

it's obvious now that they KNOW that this tranny have serious recurring problems.. wich means they LIE when they sell them in the first place..

I ended up in a "lancia" dealer and traded the GTI (for the "normal" 10.000 euros value) for a new car (it's called the "Ypsilon") with a manual gearbox and a 1.4 liter engine, full optional.. wich costed about 15.000 euros just like the basic 1.2 liter POLO....

I am really sorry but what happened really gave the final blow on my trhust on VW..
ANYone had similiar experience when giving back DSG's cars to the dealers for new ones??
p.s. sorry for my english again since I am from europe..

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