- Finished Twilight Series need other suggestions
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      07-29-2009 03:58 PM #26
      Quote, originally posted by yzfwv »
      The Song of Fire and Ice series is amazing. +1 to that.
      Anything by Raymond E. Feist. It's fantasy, but it's very involving and there's not a lot of magic and weird beasts and stuff like that.
      World War Z by Max Brooks is a very good read. It's about zombies.
      Disc World Novels by Terry Prachet are a good comedy/light hearted read.
      Niel Gaiman's novels are amazing. Neverwhere, Good Omens, American Gods, Anansi Boys, Stardust, and other books/collections.
      The three books from The Golden Compass series are great as well, I read all three in about a week. I think the series is titled "His Dark Materials". It had religious groups in an uproar, but it provides and interesting take on how "the church" could be viewed as.

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      I read World War Z. I might have to check out the Golden Compass books.
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      Quote, originally posted by nemesis099 »
      I read World War Z. I might have to check out the Golden Compass books.

      Pick up Good Omens before that. You'll maybe get an appreciation for Gaiman and Prachett if you don't know them already.

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