Our favorite vintage car mag Octane is running a 'World's Greatest Racing Car' Poll over on their website today. Amongst the stiff competition is a car with plenty of Audi heritage - the Ferdinand Porsche designed Auto Union Type C. It won't have an easy time of it, squared off against other legends like the Maserati 250F, Lotus 49, Porsche 917, AC Cobra, Mercedes-Benz W-196 and Toyota TS010 Group C.
Given the Auto Union's age, the chipped may be stacked against it. More modern rivals like the 917 and W196 are likely to be more rationalized as most of us were actually alive during the cars' use, but the Auto Union was revolutionary and extremely dominant in its day.
If you've got an extra minute, step on over to Octane and vote for the Auto Union.
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