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    Thread: 8V Forum FAQ

    1. 09-11-2003 09:21 PM #1
      Have at it folks. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      Please only post answers in this thread.
      8v Engine FAQ
      8v Engine Listing

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    3. 09-11-2003 11:38 PM #2

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    4. 09-11-2003 11:41 PM #3
      Dual outlet manifold, dual downpipe , and high flow cat install.
      -My notes on this experience.
      Digifant Idle help
      -idle switch adjustment mainly, a commonly overlooked step
      Engine mount replacement
      -Right rear, notes from my experience
      Timing Belt replacement
      Water Pump replacement
      Various useful VW info

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    6. 09-12-2003 03:34 AM #4
      I need help right now. I need to rebuild my car in 10 minutes or my life is over. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can ask...
      Acronyms & Abbreviations
      A few acronyms for those struggling to understand posts in the archives etc:
      ABA - 2litre 8v block that debuted on mk3 Golfs amongst others.
      AFM - An airflow meter. Reports the quantity of air entering the engine to the ECU.
      CIS - Continuous INjection fuelling system - fuel injectors run in continuous cycle whilst engine is running.
      CTS - Coolant temperature sensor. Blue plug on water pipe on fornt of cylinder head.
      digi - Digifant Electronic fuel injection system as used on later mk2 8v golfs, amongst others.
      digi1 - two varieties of digifant referred to as 'digi'. First, California-only emissions-tight digifant version. Second, digi1 as used in G60 engines.
      digi2 - later released digifant system utilising VAM, most digifants are digi2.
      ISV- Idle Stabilisation Valve, electronically controlled valve used to stabilise idle under ancilliary load. Cylindircal object on top of rocker cover with one plug and two hoses connected to it.
      ECU - Electronic Control Unit, manages electrnoic fuel injections etc. Metal box with heatsink, usually under left hand corner of raintray cover in engine bay.
      EFI - electronically controlled fuel injections system. As used on digifant.
      ICM - ignition control module. sits on top of ECU and controls ignition.
      ICU - ignition control unit, as above.
      ITBs - Individual throttle bodies. A throttle body for each cylinder, as opposed to the single throttle body attached to a common intake plenum used on most EFI setups.
      MFI - mechanicallly controlled fuel injection. As used on post-carb, pre-digifant 8v engines.
      O2 - oxygen sensor in exhaust system that helps report lean/rich condition of engine to ECU.
      OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM items are items that came "stock" from VW.
      VAM - vane air meter. A type of AFM that utilises a flap spring-loaded against engine load to report air intake quantity.
      IM me if you have any others you think would help people, or spotted a mistake above
      Where can I find basic information about Digifant fuel injection?
      Where can I find Digifant technical documentation (for advanced questions)?

      Engine Blocks
      What is the difference between 3A and ABA blocks?
      what is an ABA block?
      What other engine could I swap in? (Gasp! 8v heresy!)
      What sort of power can an ABA block swap make?

      what's the best 8v head?
      Can I re-use my head bolts?
      What flows better: counterflow or crossflow head?
      How can I tell a solid head from a hydro one?
      will a 16v head fit an 8v block?

      how do i go about replacing my clutch? (second how-to)
      Can I use a 16v clutch and pressure plate on my 8v?

      How do I fix my digifant's erratic idling?
      Where is my ISV located?
      Can I clean my ISV?
      Do I need an ISV?
      How can I remove my ISV?

      How do I find a vacuum leak?
      What is the knock sensor and how does it work?
      Can I swap out or improve my intake manifold?
      What the heck is the plastic thing under the gas pedal?
      How can I nudge my 8v through an emissions test?
      what OEM bolt-ons are there for the 8v?
      Where can I get a cheap o2 sensor?
      Any tips on fixing my sloopy shifter?

      If anyone can improve on the answers to these questions, just post in the relevant linked thread so the info is there to people who follow that link from the FAQ
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    7. 09-12-2003 08:40 AM #5
      System overview of CIS K-Jetronic injection

      What engine code and what injection system? :

      CIS basic before 1979, Systems after 79 have O2 sensors on US models

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    8. 09-14-2003 11:24 PM #6
      Always a good explination gearhead...
      For those of you runing digi II, you can upgrade your fuel injectors to G60. Also the G60 FPR is an upgrade. These make a nice addition to a low boost application.
      For all JH motor owners... Get the cam from a 1.5 or 1.6 liter motor... nice idle, but more duration and lift... great factory upgrade...
      020 Transmission Specifications Codes located at bottom of Bell Housing

      CODE R&P 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Overall Flanges Switch Mount
      2H 3.94 3,45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.59 90mm Large Stud
      2Y 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.34 100mm Small Both*
      4K 3.94 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.46 90mm Large Stud
      4S 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.96 100mm Large Hole
      4T 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.75 90mm Large Stud
      4Y 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.34 90mm Large Stud
      6G 3.65 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.71 2.59 90mm Large Stud
      7A 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.71 2.80 90mm Large Stud
      7D 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.25 0.91 0.71 2.80 90mm Large Stud
      7G 3.65 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.32 90mm Large Stud
      8A 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.75 90mm Large Stud
      9A 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.27 100mm Large Hole
      ACD 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.27 100mm Small Both*
      ACH 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.37 1.03 0.75 2.96 90mm Large Hole
      ACL 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.37 1.03 0.75 2.75 100mm Large Hole
      ACN 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.37 1.03 0.75 2.75 100mm Large Hole
      AEN 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.27 100mm Small Both*
      AGB* 3.67 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.34 100mm Large Both*
      AGS 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.96 100mm Small Hole
      AMC 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.97 0.80 2.94 100mm Small Hole
      AON 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.37 1.03 0.75 2.75 100mm Small Hole
      AOP 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.96 100mm Small Hole
      APW 3.67 3.45 1.75 1.37 0.97 0.85 3.20 90mm Large Hole
      ASF 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.37 1.03 0.75 2.75 100mm Small Hole
      ATH 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 2.75 100mm Small Hole
      AUG 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.27 100mm Small Hole
      AVX 4.25 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.75 3.19 90mm Small Hole
      AWY 3.94 3.45 1.94 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.51 100mm Small Hole
      CHE 3.67 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.97 0.80 2.94 100mm Small Hole
      FD 3.89 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.54 90mm Small Stud
      FF 3.89 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.97 0.76 2.96 90mm Large Stud
      FH 3.89 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.71 2.76 90mm Large Stud
      FJ 3.89 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.71 2.76 90mm Large Stud
      FK 3.89 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.54 90mm Small Stud
      FM 3.89 3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.91 3.54 90mm Small Stud
      FN 3.89 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.91 0.71 2.76 90mm Large Stud
      FO 3.89 3.45 1.94 1.29 0.97 0.76 2.96 90mm Small Stud
      there are the 020 trans codes...

    9. Member
      Join Date
      Sep 17th, 2002
      mk6 JSW / mk6 Golf - Retired: '85 & '86 Cabriolets, '86 Audi 4kq, mk3 Jetta
      10-10-2003 12:09 AM #7
      Cam Saver / Upper Oil Baffle

      Will work with ALL VW 8v valve covers
      This includes:
      standard stamped steel
      And should fit most aftermarket ones:
      If you can add any to this list (i.e. Moroso, Oettinger(sp?)), please IM me
      His - mk6 JSW - VWR springs (mk6 R), 45% tint, Euro mirrors, Torklift hitch, more on the way...
      Hers - mk6 Golf - VWR springs, 17" TSW Nurburging in bronze, GTI catback conversion, 45% tint, Euro mirrors

    10. 10-15-2003 09:36 PM #8
      More info [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    11. 10-23-2003 10:37 AM #9
      where's all the CIS help [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      good info

    12. 10-25-2003 10:51 AM #10
      A/C removal on 8 valve cars with manual steering:

    13. 11-10-2003 04:32 AM #11
      I know that all of you know this, but...
      Cut out the bottom, headlight side, and fender side of your airbox, with a K&N drop in... maybe 5 hp at the top... maybe.
      Replace your throttle body with an audi 5000, or A2 golf jetta CIS car. larger butterflys, more air...
      Get a cam from a digi 2 GTI, it has more lift and duration than yours, a little stock upgrade, especially if your poor...
      Replace your airtube with painted PVC pipe (the white stuff) in a 3" diameter. I know it sound ghetto, but would you rather spend $10, or $90 from ABD???
      All the A1 CIS cars, get an A2 cis fuel distributer, the air side is larger for better flow.
      Scirocco owners... buy the Autotech, or make your own Alternator wire upgrade. it really helps, especially with a system and better lighting. i never had a dead battery with this upgrade.
      Speaking of alt. upgrades, most if not all 8v owners can upgrade to the 120 amp audi alternator, but i don't know how... someone help please.
      Oh yea one more thing... i learned this the hard way... ANY TIME YOU BUY A CAR... RIP THE OILPAN OFF AND CHECK THE OIL SUMP TUBE!!!!!!! i roasted my german spec rocco this way... just buy a gasket, and change the oil, but clean out the tube to be on the safe side...

    14. 11-14-2003 01:25 AM #12
      how do i make my car fast i have a 1992 golf 4 door 1.8l 8 v automatica
      i got bet my a honda accord 92 auto
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    15. 11-15-2003 12:35 AM #13
      Your best bet is to do your homework, learn about engines, and talk to experienced tuners about what works good with other things. definiatly try this question in the forum, G2/J2 forum and you will get better results.

    16. 02-07-2004 03:54 PM #14
      If you're having idle or hesitation problems and nothing has corrected it.......check the collar/flange on the oil dipstick tube. If its cracked/broken/not sealing good it will cause a vacumn leak. Everytime I suggest this to someone thats having idle hesitation problems I get replies like...dude you cant be serious.
      Look it up in the Bentley.
      Section 5 page 7, Fuel System-Gasoline
      Last sentence in paragraph of 3.1 ----- Since proper fuel system operation depends on accurate measurement of the intake air, any unmetered air entering the system via vacumn leaks will cause poor running.
      Section 5 page 14 This is for Digifant but probally applies to CIS as well....a vacumn leak is a vacumn leak.
      Table D Digifant Troubleshooting....
      symptom...Engine idles rough or stalls
      Probable cause...a.--Vacumn(intake air) leak
      Corrective action...a.---Inspect intake air components for leaking hoses, hose connections, and cracks or other leaks. Check for loose oil fill cap or dip stick If the dip stick collar is might as well be loose...its not sealing.
      Symptom...Engine misses, hesitates, or stalls under load
      Probable cause....Vacumn leak is listed again and the corrective action is the same as above.

    17. 03-22-2004 06:59 PM #15
      Will the oil pump from a JH engine fit in an RV engine?

    18. 03-23-2004 04:06 AM #16
      yes, but the RV is a hydro motor, and the RV oil pump is rated for more, so always get a hydro oil pump, or you will starve your lifters for oil, cause premature failure.

    19. 03-23-2004 06:28 PM #17
      Good to know. Also, are there any issues when putting a JH head on the RV block? Are there any oil jounals that don't line up or stuff like that? I understand that the JH is a solid lifter head, so the only major thing is setting up the valves correctly.

    20. 03-24-2004 05:50 AM #18
      No problem with the internals, but your Fuel injection is going to be a pain. You are going from a digi 2 head to CIS... I am not sure of the process of converting the head to take digi 2, but there are steps to take.

    21. 03-24-2004 01:14 PM #19
      Ok, does anybody know the steps? IIRC, there's something to do with the injectors, shrouds maybe? Can somebody explain the differences?

    22. 03-25-2004 11:15 AM #20
      OK, the good news is that the clutch lever was in fact broken and I got a new one for it.
      However, now I have another problem. I accidentaly removed a long, smooth shaft from the upper right hand side of the tranny (like when you're looking straight at the green cap at the end of the tranny) and I can't put it back in 'cause something is on the way. Someone told me this shaft is what holds the gears in the tranny together and when I pulled it, the gears collapsed. He told me the only way to put it back in is to completely remove the tranny, open it up and realign it. Basically, rebuild the tranny.
      If I need to remove the tranny, are there any special tools I should get to do the job? Any special tools required to do work inside of the tranny?
      Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    23. 03-25-2004 03:21 PM #21
      That depends on which shaft you pulled. Shouldn't this be in the tranny forum, since this isn't specifically about 8V's? Oh well, anyways.
      If the shaft that you pulled had a little spring on the end (selector fork rod), then yeah, you're screwed and you'll have to tear down your tranny. If you're lucky, and patient enough, you might get away with just pulling apart the selector shaft itself, and realigning the shift forks from the hole in the top. You'll need some sort of giant allen wrench to take off the end cap on the top front, then carefully slide everything out, since it's spring loaded inside. Of course, you have to take off the shift linkages first.
      BUT, if the shaft you pulled was really long and had a ball shaped tip on one side (clutch pushrod), which is the side that presses into the release bearing, then it should be all clear, right up to the pressure plate.

    24. 03-26-2004 12:43 AM #22
      Thanks RommelVeedubber
      I guess I'm screwed...I pulled the "selector fork rod"
      Oh well, I'll have to tear down the tranny.

    25. 03-28-2004 03:20 AM #23
      people, this is meant to be the FAQ, not a regular thread. please do NOT post in this thread with problems! start up a new thread instead.

    26. 05-25-2004 11:44 AM #24

    27. 05-25-2004 02:27 PM #25
      Ok, so I have decided to list a few facts about turbo charging your 8v powerplant. I have been doing a lot of research on this, and, I know this is the 8v FAQ, but alot of people new to the forum see this thread before they venture into boost. The information in this post is gathered from multiple posts and sites that i have gathered, although nothing is directly plagurized.
      Stage 1 8v turbo project: 200 hp
      Find a low milage 8.6:1 c/r block, or a set of G60 pistons and rods.
      Get yourself a good deal on a G60 head and wiring, with sensors. The g60 had sodium filled valves, and the head, and cam were designed for boost. Make sure to get the intake manifold and throttle body as well, as this will make the easiest set up.
      You now need a turbo, and manifold. You can get the manifold from various parts suppliers, EIP,, ebay. Look for killa on the tex, . He can get good brand new turbos, cheap. I will either be buying mine from him, or getting the EIP do it yourself kit. You can also get them from a junk yard. Saab 900's, Ford T-bird turbo coupes, Nissan 300zx's, whatever you can find that has a T-3.
      Corrado, metal headgasket. ARP Headsuts. Stage 4 G60 chip. Porsche 944 FPR, Blowoff valve, and intercooler. Plan ahead where everything will bolt up and run.
      Next get a set of either G60 or 1.8T plugs. Get a better set of plug wires, although not really neccesary. Look for a manual, or electronic boost controller, and oil lines, and fittings for your turbo lube.
      Bolt it together, check for boost leaks, and squeal some tire. I would start out at around 5 to 7 PSI and test the system, before bumping it up to 13 to 17. You will be grinning from ear to ear.
      The only thing i think I want to do different is...
      I will buy the EIP starter kit for the turbo, manifold, lines, downpipe, and accesories. I will then next buy the SDS standalone managment system, with fuel and spark. Use a 16V block, with G60 rods and pistons. G60 Head, worked. Now I can program my own fuel curve, and ignition curve as well. I can also monitor everything going on with my motor. I would also definatly suggest upgrading to 2.5 inch exhaust, with a high flow cat, and straight through muffler. Turbo cars tend to be quieter that N/A cars... you wont wake up the neighbors.
      Here are some links to products I will be buying:
      The rest is up to your imagination.

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