- Texas busting drunks ... in bars
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      03-23-2006 06:06 PM #51
      Quote, originally posted by 98passat21 »
      Not to hate on the moderator.....but this is not even close to being car related.

      No kidding.
      I spend my days in a 70,000 sq ft wonderland

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      03-23-2006 06:09 PM #52
      Quote, originally posted by 98passat21 »
      Not to hate on the moderator.....but this is not even close to being car related.

      I got into a cab afterward. It was yellow.

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      03-23-2006 06:16 PM #53
      Quote, originally posted by VikingVR6GTI »
      It's not legal. As stated above, the bars are not "public property". Unless the bar owners give consent to the police to do these "crackdowns" (and God knows why they would) then it's not legal.
      I bet this will be done in the next 3-4 weeks tops.

      Sorry, but that isn't true. When they say "in public" they don't just mean in public property. The law states that anyplace where the public is free to enter and leave counts as "in public", even if it is on private property. This is the same premise behind the cops enforcing traffic laws in private parking lots and such.

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      03-23-2006 06:16 PM #54
      Quote, originally posted by vanaguy »
      You think you hate it now? Just as today's Audi previews tomorrow's VW, so is TX to USA.

      Texas may be a lot of things, but it's not the forebearer of tomorrow's USA.
      Quote Originally Posted by KahviVW View Post
      Wow, TCLers are not a photogenic bunch
      Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkEnergist View Post
      My god...this thread is pure homosexual excellence.

    6. Banned
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      03-23-2006 06:29 PM #55
      Quote, originally posted by vtgti »
      I don't think the general population has any clue as to what the real laws are. I'm a bartender in VT, and it's probably the most risky job anyone could have, but I make mad loot, so I'm taking the chance.
      A bar is not a private establishment, unless it is a legion, or club where you have to sign in, get buzzed in to get in the door, and be a paying member or guess to be at the establishment.
      Any "normal" bar is a public area, and part of the agreement to holding a liqour license is letting the police or liquor control officers come in as they please. (It is even illegal, in VT, to have the doors locked at any time that someone is within the premises. ie: no after hours parties). It is also illegal for a bartender to serve someone who is "under the influence of alcohol". So legally, if I serve you 1 beer, it is against the law to serve you a second one, because technically/biologically, that one beer does have some effect on you.
      What really sucks, is that the whole thing, where if I serve a customer who "has a ride home", who leaves the bar and gets into a car, and smashes into a busload of kids, I'm screwed. I'm liable for that accident, meaning the parent of everyone one of those kids, and the wife and family (and any dependant) of both the bus driver and of the guy I "overserved" can sue me.
      It's really not anywhere near as glamourous a job as you might think.
      PS: It's nothing new to have cops come in and bust people for being too drunk. It's happened to us before.

      Somebody who has actual knowledge and experience in this subject other than being a lush and he's pretty much ignored by the know-it-alls.

    7. 03-23-2006 06:32 PM #56
      Quote, originally posted by CosmicTDI »
      Texas may be a lot of things, but it's not the forebearer of tomorrow's USA.

      Hey, I sincerely hope you're right!

    8. Member titleist1976's Avatar
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      03-23-2006 06:42 PM #57
      Wow, ad people make fun of California!

    9. 03-23-2006 06:49 PM #58
      Quote, originally posted by zerind »
      You want to trade point for point on why I hate California? I bet you I win How about that city in CA where you can't even smoke outside, or you get fined? Pot, meet Kettle.

      Smoking tobacco is harming innocent people in public places --drinking in a bar limits the harm to oneself.
      Not a fair comparison. The Kettle and Pot have yet to meet.

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    10. Member pipes's Avatar
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      03-23-2006 06:51 PM #59
      This doesn't surprise me as there have been several accidents on IH-10 (not to far from my house) where a drunk driver is driving on the opposite side of the highway for miles ending up in accidents that are horrible.
      I am glad they are doing this, but there has to be consent of the bar owner.

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