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    1. Am I doing this right? Nobody seems to notice any...

      Am I doing this right? Nobody seems to notice any of my questions I post on here.. Anyways the car is back in order and running better than ever yet the lower thermostat house keep blowing off after...
    2. 06 GLI thermostat replace but another issue occurs..

      Spent a nightmare of a time tearing down my intake manifold and all it entails for the first time to change the thermostat. Pretty stressful that first time; especially after my injector didn't seal...
    3. Replies

      Timing help?

      Long story short,

      Bought an 87 5000S Quattro 2.2 5spd 500$

      Kinda ran. Took 15sec and ether to start

      Replaced distributor but not sure how to check timing without a mark. I know there's a...
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