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      Audi GTE aluminium oilpan 7 qts $250

      comes with hardware, and new drainplug and seal.

      these are quite difficult to find.

      Purchased in Germany for a vw fox build that never happened.

      Perfect for AEB 1.8t to Audi Fox swap.
    2. audi 5000 parts

      any chance you know where a turbodiesel automatic is for parts?

      reason- converting a vanagon to tdi, the transmission may have the 4 planetary gear set like the gas turbo models, and the...
    3. ISO WTB Audi 200/5000 turbo automatic trans parts

      looking for an automatic from a turbo 200 or 5000 turbo,
      dont need the transaxle, just the trans , any condition even if it slips.

      Mike Hanyi
    4. flavors of Ko4's what is good and what is sh ite

      Long story quickly...
      My ride- 88 fox wagon which will go 1.8t

      Just purchased a 99 Passat 1.8t 5 speed w 114k which is the donor car, car runs great and smooth, I drive it everyday at the marine...
    5. Had some time today, i pulled the fuel rail, no...

      Had some time today,
      i pulled the fuel rail, no fuel squirting,
      had voltage to the injectors but not opening

      took 12 volts direct from battery to one injector, still no opening.

      ended up...
    6. its dark now but in the AM I will check, I may...

      its dark now but in the AM I will check, I may not have heard a noise under the hood.

      I do see the check engine light with ign on, and while cranking i believe it is not on.

      it ran with ether...
    7. AEB no start, have fuel in rail and spark


      What I know

      Just bought the 99 passat 5 speed w/114k on it for peanuts,

      starts and runs on ether - so its got spark

      found fuel pump in-op, swapped it out for a new one-...
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      AEB crank....AGU direct swap??

      Im starting to collect the parts for my Fox Wagon 1.8t build,
      I got a very clean AEB head and having new valve guides installed,
      Picked up a AGU intake manifold in Germany last summer.
      going KO4...
    9. burned exhaust valves, 84 solid gti head who's got valves?

      pulled my head off on the weekend to replace the valves, sombody give me a hint who is selling exhaust valves for solid lifter gti heads?


      need 4
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      worn out throttle body

      I have a 16v throttle body on my car and having idle issues when cold,
      I looked at the warm up valve and it is working well, i even modified it so it is a bit more open when cold.

      playing with...
    11. ISO, WTB Audi/VW 016 transaxle parts 0.60 fifth gear

      I have a 016 that I am going thru, I am looking for a 0.60 fifth gear set, or a reasonable box just to take the parts from.

      I have heard the codes for the transaxle I am looking for are: Audi 4000...
    12. Leather care for my old corrado seats

      I wanted corrado seats for my VW fox, I was lucky to find a set very cheap, the drivers seat was all ripped up.
      I bought a passenger seat in better condition so I can reskin the drivers...
    13. 012 (passat audi A4 ) 5 speed question.... speedo cable?!

      I am slowly educating myself and hunting for the perfect donor car for my swap.

      I have a very sweet 1988 fox 2 door wagon with 8 big valves and is a very pleasant ride with around 110 horses.

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      corrado seat frame mods

      I picked up a set of corrado seats really cheap..
      as the drivers seat was torn I had the idea of swapping the skins from a passenger seat I also purchased
      so far I have carefully unskinned the...
    15. 5000 cs turbo quattro 5 speed in Maryland boneyard

      Its not my car, but it is very intact with locking differentials, everything under the hood is there,intercooler is there, the instrument panel is there.
      walk around shows no real damage. wheels are...
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      front seats

      interested in the 2 front seats? what is their honest condition...shipping to baltimore interested.
      also the square side marker lights on the front fenders with some of the wiring.
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      WTB / WTT 14" snowflakes

      just bought the car from dacolino, Hawthorne, NJ

      like to have a clean set of snowflakes...
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