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    1. Sold

    2. Poll: OMG this is the absolute best reply I've ever...

      OMG this is the absolute best reply I've ever gotten on any forum in the world.

      I love all the pups, especially the footholders =)

      Thank you!
    3. Thread: WTB Audi S5

      by artchang

      My super clean S5 is available:...

      My super clean S5 is available:

      60K miles
      Manual 6spd
      Fully loaded...
    4. SOLD: 2014 Audi S5 - prestige, black, 6spd (fully loaded, near perfect) - $33,000


      Selling my B8.5 S5. It has all the options and is fully loaded, custom ordered from Germany since I wanted a 6spd manual with all the configurations....
    5. Poll: Thanks for the recommendations! I think if I were...

      Thanks for the recommendations! I think if I were buying, I would go for the Outback. But being that I'm just trying to find a 2-ish year lease, the Subaru lease prices have been really bad. Might be...
    6. Poll: Need to lease a SUV for my dog for 24 months. Suggestions on a VW?

      I own a 2014 Audi S5 (6spd, prestige pro, all the fixings) that I'm trying to sell right now ( It's...
    7. Alignment lead to: Address 16, Address 44, and Address 1B errors, can't reset

      One tire blew, and the shop convinced me the tires were worn to a pulp (I agreed, it looked like it). They wouldn't fix the flat because the chords were showing. I only had two choices: get Michelin...
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