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    1. has anyone been able to use these? bump

      has anyone been able to use these?

    2. Update 10 19 2019

      i managed to get some part numbers but not figured out how to source the parts working on that

      I have a valeo d6gs19 and the brushes for this starter sold by valeo SBH3016

      I know there are...
    3. Replies

      The 2008 engine 2.0L is a solid engine. EA113 I...

      The 2008 engine 2.0L is a solid engine. EA113 I love the fuel efficiency and pep. i do not mind the maintenance and enjoy doing it. To me nothing is perfect but to me its something that meets all...
    4. audi A4 b7 mt starter motor parts part numbers

      I am going to rebuild my audi a4 b7 (2008) 6spd mt quadro 2.0L T FSi starter motor.

      I am not finding much for part numbers on things like Brushes

      has anyone rebuilt there starter motor and know...
    5. pics

      Here is a pick showing the size and how much more rounded (smaller ) this is to the adjuster..
      Does anyone have any pics of the hub so I can...
    6. best answer

      Thats the best answer so far

      The pump is perfect in mine i am guessing there was alot more parts in the oil pan just the LAZY OWASCO (whitby, Ontario Audi dealer)people did not clean out the oil...
    7. Whats the status of your fuel pump follower...

      Whats the status of your fuel pump follower (HPFP) when was the last time you checked it?
    8. update091619

      Ok i checked against the tensioner (oil) and the spring is far thinner.. and the tensioner is still on this one.. its like from previous owner it was left in here.. no one wants to see this..
    9. i changed the variable cam timing sprocket, i...

      i changed the variable cam timing sprocket, i took the vw/audi labled one off and put a cheep Chinese one on that has no mention let alone a stamp of vw/audi so that is clearly not it.. but gives...
    10. too small

      The spring pieces are far to small to be High pressure fuel pump spring.

      does this ea113 engine have a spring anywhere in here that small? i keep thinking the tensioner for the oil pump. but...
    11. Ebay

      I almost bought this. i msged the seller on ebay and its like they have no idea

      If you figure it out i sure would like to know I have the same issue with mine .. still works but urgh I should...
    12. Identify metal in oil pan. I found this in bottom of oil pan

      I had a working car with a engine light , I replace tensioner chain and re-timed and now a oil low pressure warning. i did not have one b4

      Figure my oil pickup on pump was clogged. i found...
    13. REQUEST A4 B7 2.0L TFSI Oil pan removal tutorial

      I have yet to find a clear "how to" on how to remove the oil pan on a audi a4 b7.

      I do not currently have mine off yet. i have attempted so far to avoid touching the sub frame.. looks like I will...
    14. updates

      Any updates.. Leaving me hanging.. I am sure after reading all that there is no way its the oil pickup. Did you ever figure this out?
    15. Replies

      german bearings

      I had a similar experience. I bough cheap priced bearings . was pretty excited and then well they did not last very long then some one sent me this i just...
    16. My my

      I am not trying to war with you i just want a answer even if its "I have 400 000km original all good. on mine"

      I want it based on something .. I do not want a opinion.

      i want to know if the...
    17. I want to know original question

      how long are they designed to last? (HPFP)
    18. how long are they designed to last HPFP

      I really can not find any info on the net on what I want to know!
      if in general wear and tear and the stock end is not worn. how long are they designed to last? (HPFP)

      I know a few people who...
    19. What is the lifespan of a properly maintained High presure fuel pump

      If you maintained your engine and oil and in a perfect world you changed your cam follower and everything is rainbows and Disneyland. How many Miles/Km should this high pressure Fuel pump last?
    20. bump

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