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      :laugh: I was not expecting to read that. ...


      I was not expecting to read that.

      I'm glad you got your dog chipped.

      My wife and I have found several lost dogs over the past 15 years. One of them didn't have a collar or even an...
    2. Wopet Automatic Dog Feeder For My English Cream Golden Retriever - Mini Review & Pictures

      Some nights my wife and I don't get home until 10 or 11pm and our poor dog has to wait to eat dinner until then. So I went on Amazon and read some reviews on automatic pet feeders. I picked a nice...
    3. Our Puppy's Life Video Compilation - 2 Months To 4 Years Old - English Cream Golden Retriever

      I just spent a few hours creating this video compilation of our dog's life from a 2 month old 8lb puppy to a 4 year and 80lb fuzzy monster. :)

      He's an English cream golden retriever. I hope you...
    4. Newport To Ensenada Sailboat Race Drone Video - Orange County, CA

      My wife and I went to check out the start of the N2E2016 (Newport Beach to Ensenada) sailboat race at our local pier. I counted at least 4 drone guys flying around. It was quite the sight seeing 200+...
    5. Cleaning My Floor with a Losi R/C Truck and a Swiffer Sweeper Head :)

      Hey guys,

      My girl asked me to clean the floors a bit while she was at yoga class since "my dog" sheds like crazy.

      So I decided to make it more fun and created this video of using my Losi...
    6. Yeah, it was fun to watch. They are really...

      Yeah, it was fun to watch.

      They are really loud though.

      I think next time I will bring ear plugs. :laugh:
    7. Massive 1/5th Scale Losi 5IVE-T Trucks Practice Race Video - Irvine Lake RC Park, Silverado, Orange County, CA

      I took my "little" Losi TEN-SCTE 1/10th scale short course truck to the Irvine Lake RC Park in Silverado, CA.

      The main attraction is the huge 1/5th scale track but they also have a small 1/8 or...
    8. I had a Redcat Racing Volcano EPX for about a...

      I had a Redcat Racing Volcano EPX for about a year. It was a really fun starter truck and relatively durable.

      I only started to break parts in the last few months when I installed a generic...
    9. Foster Kitten Snuggling With Our Golden Retriever - Video

      My wife just got three tiny 3 week old foster kittens a few days ago. They like to nap with our three year old golden retriever and even try to suckle at his chest for milk. :laugh:

      I took this...
    10. Hawaii R/C Truck Bashing Video With Music - Ramp Jumps, Crashes, Flips, Rolls, Cartwheels

      I spent a few hours today bashing my Redcat Racing Volcano EPX (brushed with a 3,800 mah nimh battery) and I whipped up a fun video of all the jumps, crashes and cartwheels.


    11. Hurricane Norbert Waves & Surfers The Wedge Newport Beach CA - Drone Aerial View

      There were more big waves at The Wedge this past weekend from Hurricane Norbert. Here's a drone aerial video of the surfers and body boarders.
    12. Massive Hurricane Marie Waves - Surfers & Body Boarders Video - Newport Beach, CA

      Check out the huge waves that have been pounding the shore here in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

      It was taken at "The Wedge" with a DJI...
    13. LOL, sure. :laugh: But we just rent a small...

      LOL, sure. :laugh:

      But we just rent a small old place a few blocks from the beach. I'm not complaining or anything. but I don't have a mansion like you see in the video. That would be sweet....
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      I'm so tired of small dogs snapping at my sweet...

      I'm so tired of small dogs snapping at my sweet and submissive golden retriever. The owners never say anything to their dog to correct it.

      My mellow boy just keeps on wagging his tail while...
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      Yeah, having a sip of those brings me back to our...

      Yeah, having a sip of those brings me back to our trip to see Iguazu Falls on the Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay borders.

      A bartender at the hotel in Argentina made a me a few one night. At first I...
    16. Newport Beach Aerial Video By Drone - I need one of these!

      We live in Orange County and my wife insists on showing me the "pretty" pictures on the I Love Newport Beach Facebook page just about every day. She finally showed me something that piqued my...
    17. Me too. I don't miss getting up at 2am and...

      Me too.

      I don't miss getting up at 2am and 6am to walk him, but I do miss him being small and fuzzy. :)

      He is fast when he is somewhere exciting, but otherwise he is kind of lazy right now.
    18. He definitely likes to chew. Just we've been...

      He definitely likes to chew. Just we've been lucky that so far it has only been his toys and bones.

      I've always had deer antlers, bully sticks and other stuff for him to chew on.

      I'm looking...
    19. Golden Retriever Puppy - 8 Weeks To 10 Months - Video Montage

      I had some time to kill today, so I made a video montage of our puppy's life from 8 weeks old to now at 10 months old.

      He's an English Cream golden retriever.

    20. Nice pics BsickPassat :) I've already got him...

      Nice pics BsickPassat :)

      I've already got him used to the routine of getting brushed several times a day.

      Plus I'll probably be vacuuming every other day once he gets his adult coat. :facepalm:
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