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    1. MAP sensor

      Stan is trying to tell you that if the MAP sensor is contaminated it will give incorrect readings to the computer which in turn will make the motor run bad. He is trying to get you to fix the problem...
    2. MAP sensor

      There is no way to adjust the idle. The computer sets the idle speed according to all the information it gets from the various sensors. A low MAP sensor signal or an Implausible signal usually...
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      2.0T Passat stutter

      You are saying in your post that you replaced coils 1 to 3 and checked #3 spark plug. The fault is showing on #4. Swap the coils from 3 and 4 , clear codes drive the car and recheck code to see if it...
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      Poll: Price

      3 pages in.
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      CLB files

      Check this out , it might answer your question.The data you see when running VCDS is the decrypted files.All the module information,measuring blocks , coding etc...
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      It's coming
    7. Thread: Windows 10

      by chrisqc

      Windows 10

      Is Vag Com compatible with Windows 10?My son is an independant IT consultant and he says Windows 10 is very very good and stable.My laptop wants to upgrade to Windows 10.
      P.S. Found my answer.
    8. Autoscan

      You will need to post a current Autoscan with the most current version or there will be no help for your problem.Read the sticky "Read before posting".We cannot guess what modules you have in the car...
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      2006 Audi A6 3.2l Wagon Sound system trouble

      This car had fluid leaking onto the amplifier in the rear for the sound system for part of last winter and it fried the amplifier. The owner supplied us with a used supposedly good amplifier. Before...
    10. Sorry about that Jack,yes the gas gauge would...

      Sorry about that Jack,yes the gas gauge would drop out also.That is also back to normal.
    11. I have an update to this car.The car is fixed.We...

      I have an update to this car.The car is fixed.We did a wiggle and tap test on all components and harnesses with the VCDS hooked up and monitoring wheel speed.Only when lightly tapping the ABS module...
    12. Hi Jack,thank you for the reply.Is there any way...

      Hi Jack,thank you for the reply.Is there any way for me to check if the instrument cluster has been tampered with with VCDS?We removed the instrument cluster(no visible signs of anyone in there...
    13. Speedo not working and ABS Module will not keep coding

      Thank you for the reply Dana.Yes we followed the 3 step procedure and the coding is correct now. The code for; incorrect module coding has not returned.We have the same DTC with the old ABS module...
    14. Speedo not working and ABS Module will not keep coding

      I have an update to the above post.The speedo was working for about 15km then stopped.Fuel level when the car came in showed 3/4 full but now shows empty,it does not move at all.The measuring blocks...
    15. Speedo not working and ABS Module will not keep coding

      The car is a 2003 Audi A4 1.8T with a manual transmission.The original complaint was speedometer
      inoperative.Our scan showed a defective ABS sensor left front.We did a pin to pin continuity test and...
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