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    1. Speculators

      You're right, speculators will have their short lived run but the oil's out there in reserve from Saudi and all other suppliers. And trust, ARAMCO will work 24/7 to get back online.
    2. Same

      $2.18 here and the world keeps spinning :thumbup:
    3. Poll: This

      Pretty much this and says so in the article. And it continues on saying it will be a small niche like the rest of the EV products out there:

      "Ford and GM have more than one reason to take chances...
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    5. Toyota
    6. Wow!

      Congrats! Like the white color and the red seats too.

      And I can confirm on ride quality, no feks given, love my FiST, it ain't that bad.
    7. Thread: Show me: 39

      by Burnette

      Happy Birthday!

      In thirty years the pictures for that year's number will garner more interesting pictures :laugh:

      The 1939 Indianapolis 500 winner was Wilbur Shaw driving the Maserati 8CTF Boyle Special:
    8. Libya Has To Rely On Others

      For sure, Libya barely has the infrastructure to get oil up and out, they have to rely on other's networks to get it to market.
    9. True

      Exactly, and you can add Nigeria to the list of having capacity while pretty much being a failed state. If all were fully online, especially Russia and Iran, it would push prices even lower. This is...
    10. Same Page

      Russia, Iran, Libya and Venezuela have been held back from the market and OPEC is fighting a glut, we and others in the market have huge reserves, so yeah, any vaccuum will quickly be filled.

    11. Wow!

      Thanks for the post, TCL is on this better than social media :thumbup::laugh:

      Rest assured we already know how it was done and by who. It'll be interesting to see how this unfolds.
    12. How Bad Is The Damge Is The Question

      Length of downtime before repairs are made is the key and supposedly we'll have that information in a a day or so. And read in bold in the last paragraph about the glut/surplus that OPEC was trying...
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      Remote Control Cars

      It reminds me of my R/C days, especially if the wheels were white :laugh:
    14. Same Page But Reserves And Capacity Are Huge

      You're looking at Saudi Arabia in isolation and even then, they have emergency reserves to cover this outage. And the rest if the world's oil suppliers have more than enough in capacity and in...
    15. Ha!

      "It's big and hard hard in the time of waiting, manage yourself for not very long journey, or choosing hard die/good batteries". :laugh:
    16. Thanks

      Wow, thanks for the pics. And I agree, these would be hard to detect, track and shoot down.
    17. There's No Shortage If Capacity

      What you're missing is capacity and fluctuations in inventory are normal, we can readily supply more in the US as can other oil producing nations.

      There's a glut in that we and other nations have...
    18. Exactly


      This hurts Saudis Arabi way more than the oil market as a whole.
    19. Heavy Fat Cats In Heavy Fat Sedans

      True, the majority of buyers of both cars won't track them nor will they do 0-120 rips. This is just PR fodder, which is indeed important, because even though owners will never test these limits the...
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      And it sounds better than the Taycan Turbo :laugh: :thumbup:
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