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      Need W8 Oil Pan - chuckhole damage!

      Terrible roads around me along with the terrible weather has the snow plows out destroying the roads. Yesterday, I had 2 flats and apparently punctured the oil pan.

      Fortunately, insurance is...
    2. Stuck on vacation - who makes cat delete flash?

      The day before we left for vacation, I took the car to the dealer to have a new key programmed, and for an alignment. Several hundred miles into our drive, I started experiencing misfires, and...
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      Re: (DORI_cracka_DORI)

      Quote, originally posted by DORI_cracka_DORI »

      SRAM > Shimano.

      Not in this case, this is 708g, the new SRAM Red is 780g and the DA is supposed to be 10% stiffer? The "old" DA...
    4. Re: VW Alternator Wiring - new alternator - light still on (Aurora_GL)

      Voltage regulator post. The alternator is charging properly, though the light does not go off.
    5. Re: ht engine - need upper/lower alternator brackets (BillLeBob)

      Thanks! You would be my hero...
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      Dash lights not working - sometimes...

      I have a bunny that the dash cluster lights don't always work in. Let me clarify - first thing in the morning, I don't have lights on the dash, but I do have lights on the small cluster of 3 gauges....
    7. VW Alternator Wiring - new alternator - light still on

      Does anyone have the proper wiring for a replacement VW alternator? I believe I have the Bosch one. I currently have 2 wires connected to it, a + that is connected directly to the battery...
    8. ht engine - need upper/lower alternator brackets

      The DPO (dumb-a-- previous owner) really did a number on my little bunny, installing a HT engine, as well as a heavily modified chevy single wire alternator. Well, the alternator blew up, so I have...
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      ht engine - what dipstick/funnel?

      I have an 82 Convertable that has had a mid-80's HT code engine installed in it by the DPO (dumb-a-- previous owner), but the owner retained the 1.7l dipstick. The dipstick is extremely loose and...
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