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    1. Someone has to have seen this before. Help, completely frustrated

      New oil housing, and IO have the top end pressure back to around 60 psi, but the low oil pressure the same. Once the motor heats up, its 5 to 6 psi.

      Could it be the cam chain tensioner? We...
    2. still stumped in Baja

      Sorry its been a long time since writing my post but have been working lots and did not have much time to work on the motor. checked bearing clearances and oil bypass valve. Plasti-guaged the...
    3. Low Oil Pressure on a complete rebuild - Stumped in Baja

      Hi Guys,

      So I got the wiring taken care of on my Combi with a swap 1.8T, n it runs great now. thanks guys. That took a while.

      Now back to the original problem.

      Rebuilt the engine. All new...
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      fuel regulator

      Thanks, about the regulator, it's coming off tomorrow. It looks like a cheap foreign thing. All black n red, but its the only one I could find here in Mexico.

      I had both regulators on it. The...
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      Will work on fuel pump

      Thanks, I will work on the fuel pump manana, and will send photos. I have 50 lbs of fuel pressure from the regulator, and have the return line from the regulator going back to the tank.

      I will...
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      1.8 swap into VW Mexican van

      I own a 91 VW van and it had a factory 1.8 carbed 8 valve in the van.

      I swapped a 1.8T into it this last year. I used a donor car, 2000 Jetta, so I rebuilt the motor, n the swap has the same...
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