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    1. Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Side Splitters!

      If you are looking to create a fully realized work of art, you have to think about what you can do to add to the piece rather than take away from the intention. Our new Carbon Fiber Side Splitter Set...
    2. How many entries into the M3 Sweepstakes do you...

      How many entries into the M3 Sweepstakes do you have?
    3. New ECS Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover!

      With our mantra of Carbon EVERYTHING in mind, we're proud to introduce the ECS Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover!

      Designed in-house by our industry-leading engineering staff, the ECS Tuning...
    4. We're giving away a BMW E46 M3! ECS Sweepstakes Alert!

      ECS Tuning & StopTech 2002 BMW M3 Sweepstakes
      Presented by Bilstein & DKM

      If you were excited about our last two vehicles we built and gave away,...
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      HRE Wheels 25% off!

      From NOW until 7.31.19 SAVE 25% on select HRE Wheels at ECS Tuning!

      HRE Wheels
    6. Sale additions: Milwaukee 5% Off...

      Sale additions:

      Milwaukee 5% Off

      Oem Tools 10% Off

      CTA Tools 15% Off

      Redline ON SALE
    7. Independence Day is coming early! The ECS 4th of July SALE! up to 50% off!!!!

      In honor of our great nations day of independence, we're having a sale! and cooking some hot dogs while shooting off fireworks...

      From NOW until 7/8/2019 Save on TONs of your favorite parts and...
    8. $50 off ECS Engine Street Shields + Free Shipping

      From NOW until 7/8/2019 enjoy $50 off your ECS Engine Street Sheilds + Free Shipping

      $50 off ECS Engine Street Sheilds + Free Shipping
    9. New ECS B8 Adjustable Rear Toe Arms!

      Lowering your B8 is one of the more effective changes you can make for handling and weight transfer improvements, but drastic reductions in the height of the car cause alignment settings to fall...
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      Racingline - VWR - ON SALE!!

      From NOW until 6/21/2019 enjoy speical sale pricing on Racingline upgrades!*

      Racingline - VWR
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      up to 50% off Schwaben Tools!

      From NOW until 6/17/2018 you can save up to 50% on Schwaben Tools!

      Shop Schwaben Tools
    12. Back in stock!

      Back in stock!
    13. Back in stock!

      Back in stock!
    14. Back in stock!

      Back in stock!
    15. Billet Beauty | Billet Aluminum Climate Control Rings

      Often, those little detail-oriented parts fill in the blank spaces to tell a more complete story of your car.
      The new Billet Control Rings are the perfect additions to your B9 interior that help...
    16. Performance Brake Rotor SALE! 10% off until Monday 6/10/2019

      From NOW until Monday 6/10/2019 save 10% on ECS Performance V4 Brake Rotors.*

      ECS V4 Performance Brake Rotors
    17. ECS B8 Billet Aluminum Control Ring Kits | Dial in the Style

      Looking to upgrade your boring interior while adding billet touches right at your fingertips? We've got you covered at ECS Tuning with our in house designed Billet Aluminum Control Rings!
    18. ECS B9 Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover

      The Audi B9 A4 and S4 offer a nearly unparalleled luxury sport experience, but that isn't to say they are perfect as they sit. Choosing to create a representation of your stylistic tastes is what...
    19. The ECS B7 A4 2.0T Luft-Technik Front Mount Intercooler has arrived!

      Performance is all about keeping cool, especially for forced induction engines. Heat and restricted airflow are our enemies. The new ECS Intercooler and Charge Pipe kit for your B7 A4 fights back...
    20. New ECS Audi B8 Chassis Engine Bay Lighting!

      Let there be light!

      Transform the engine bay of your B8/8.5 A4 or S4 into a well-illuminated show piece. *Whether you are opening your hood to check your oil or to look good at a show, lighting...
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