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    1. Next-Gen Audi A6 Test Mule Caught Hot Weather Testing

      Check out the photo we've just found over on depicting what is reported to be the next-generation Audi A6. As of right now there's not a whole lot to see though the car is most obviously an Audi. What is somewhat confusing is the camouflaged nose sporting what appears to be a new design though the remainder of the body appears to be the current generation car.

      The Audi A6 ...
    2. Audi RS 3 Test Mule: Best Spy Photos Yet

      We've just found one of the best photo sets to date of the upcoming Audi RS 3 super hot hatch. Presumably the car will use the same 350-hp 5-cylinder drivetrain of the TT RS but in the more utility-minded 5-door A3 Sportback chassis. These shots reveal a black example running pretty much production trim. Note the TT RS style chin spoiler. ...
    3. Video: Audi A7 Spy Footage Shows Disguised Test Mule Under Tests

      We've just stumbled across this footage (below) posted by VAUMAXde to YouTube. The footage shows an Audi A7 test mule from multiple angles testing everywhere from public roads to the Nurburgring. A7 mules have been spotted plenty in photos but not much video has been seen yet so we figured it was a must-watch for most on here.

      We spotted the video over on with some ...
    4. New Audi A7 Spy Photos Found at Quattroholic

      A7 spy photos aren't exactly hens teeth when it comes to rarity but a new set is a new set and these shots from quattroholic are both high-res and clean angles. Granted, the car has headache-inducing psychadelia vinyl wrapped over a ll exposed surfaces save lights and windows, but elements liket he car's R8 and A1-like shoulder-mounted rearview mirrors are interesting ...
    5. More Spy Photos of Production Audi RS 3 Reveal Odd New Mechanical Roof Spoiler?

      We've just finished making our post about the RS 3 and now found another set of photos on the same website. This groups of shots show an impressively large rear spoiler seemingly angled the wrong way to create drag. CarSpyShots has two theories that the piece is either one very different mechanical spoiler design or a piece that is about to fall off.

      Frankly, it ...
    6. Spied: Audi e-tron Test Mule Spotted Testing in Bavaria

      We missed this story on June 8 because we were immersed in 24 Hours of Le Mans race week but in our quick inventory of stories we may have overlooked we noticed an interesting group of spy photos published over at AutoExpress. The shots are identified by the magazine as an e-tron test mule and they're likely right as this R8-shaped prototype feautres camo over every space there would usually ...
    7. Audi A7 Spy Photos From Multiple Sources

      As the upcoming Audi A7 nears its debut this fall in Paris, test mules continue to go through their paces and thus even more spy photos continue to roll in. We've found three new sets or shots this week and wanted to point them out.

      Piston Spy
      Our favorite set including the shot above come from Piston Spy, our friends lucky enough to live near the 'Ring and film there often. Because ...