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    1. Audi S7 Mule Spied sans Camo & Featured at Left Lane News

      Left Lane News has published a set of Carpix spy photos where the photographer captured what is believed to be an Audi S7 test mule undergoing testing. Please note, the image above is a mockup by our staff. We'd posted one image with the intent to push readers to see the rest at Left Lane News but they've blocked that so read below for more information on where ...
    2. Audi A2 Platform Test Mule Caught in California Hot Weather Testing

      Given it's a whole new component set, smaller than the upcoming modular transverse MQB architecture, not much is known of the upcoming small car platform planned to underpin the upcoming Audi A2. Various Volkswagen-branded Up! concept cars have been shown at auto show after auto show but that's the closest we've seen of the so-called "Up-platform" until now. CAR Magazine has published spy photos of a ...
    3. Spy Photos Believed to Be First Ever of Upcoming Audi Q3 Crossover

      Photos are making the rounds today of what is believed to be a test mule of the upcoming Audi Q3. Shot through the window of an unnamed test facility, the car features plenty of brown disguise material to make it nearly unidentifiable save the fact that its profile is very obviously a small crossover.

      So what is the Q3? Think something Volkswagen Tiguan in size ...
    4. Even More Next-Gen Audi A6 Spy Photos From Multiple Sources + CAR Magazine Intel

      We've found several sources for more next-gen Audi A6 images today so we've decided to post them all together in one update. Seems C7 A6 mules are making a regular commute down photographer's row and we all get to benefit from the tidal wave of photos.

      Also interesting amongst the links below is a story published by CAR Magazine. We hold car amongst the most reliable journalistic ...
    5. Audi A7 Spy Photos From Multiple Sources

      As the upcoming Audi A7 nears its debut this fall in Paris, test mules continue to go through their paces and thus even more spy photos continue to roll in. We've found three new sets or shots this week and wanted to point them out.

      Piston Spy
      Our favorite set including the shot above come from Piston Spy, our friends lucky enough to live near the 'Ring and film there often. Because ...
    6. Audi S7 Mule Spied Testing & Engine Speculation is Wide

      When photos of a new Audi test mule go into circulation, you can be sure that many, many publications will run a story and a believed S7 prototype photographed in camo this week continues to prove that point.

      So what makes everyone assume this is an S7? The main clues are a larger and lower front fascia, ...