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    1. Video: Allan McNish Shifts Gears. Trades Audi R18 for Big Rig.

      So what does Allan McNish do on the off-season? In addition to testing Audi's new R18 racecar Nishy seems to be practicing for a moonlighting job driving Audi's race transports. Allan posted a new video on his blog where he test drives the new Scania R730.

    2. Allan McNish's Busy Post-Le Mans Schedule Will Include Goodwood Festival of Speed

      Allan McNish has updated readers of his website on what he's been up to since the 24 Hours of Le Mans on his blog. Here's the rundown.

      It took a week to get back to full fitness, full strength, full feeling after Le Mans. The emotional fatigue, the pressure, everything else about that race week is quite intense. Like I said in the previous Newsletter, we then went
    3. 24 Hours of Le Mans: Vide Overload Including Interviews, Scrutineering & More

      We're readying our final recap of Le Mans and that process includes producing a lot of content we simply didn't have time to publish in the heat of the race (though you may have seen some of this via Audi USA social media outlets as we were also contributing to them). Below are several videos we've just recently uploaded to YouTube posted in reverse chronological ...
    4. Allan McNish Video Blog on YouTube from

      When we posted a link to Allan McNish's video blog from Spa several weeks ago we were impressed by the behind the scenes view the Scot gave us even if it was out of focus, and even more impressed by how many of our readers thoroughly enjoyed the bit. So, when we ran into Allan at Le Mans we asked if he'd be continuing the video journal ...
    5. Video: Audi Sport Driver Allan McNish Chats Tuesday of 24 Hours of Le Mans Race Week

      Yesterday during an Audi Sport team meeting session we caught up with Tom Kristensen to chat about the new R15 plus, TAG Heuer, scrutineering, sitting out Sebring, prospects for Le Mans and more. Watch all three parts below.

      Part 1
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    6. 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans: Scrutineering Day 2 Report

      Day two of scrutineering, where all Le Mans teams go to this French city's center for a tech inspection well-attended by throngs of eager fans. This second day of the process downtown was only slightly less crowded in the morning when the Japanese JLOC Lamborghini team began the parade of cars due there on day two.
    7. Audio Interview: Q&A with Allan McNish Before Le Mans

      Our flight leaves for France tomorrow as we head into Le Mans race week but before we leave we wanted to share a quick phone interview we had with Allan McNish yesterday. You may recall that we threw it out to our readers to come up with some questions and we had time to ask most, including inquiry of his daily driver, take on the agility of the R15 plus versus last ...