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    1. Indian Women's Badminton Star Saina Nehwal Shooting for #1 in World. Wants Audi A8.

      Tom Kristensen once told us not to diss Badminton. Having suffered a foot injury playing badminton that threatened to hurt his Le Mans chances last season playing the sport, Audi's "Great Dane" would likely attest to the sport's intensity. It's also a big deal in markets like India where women's badminton phenom Saina Newhal has recently nailed the Hong ...
    2. Hofele Design Introduces Full Kit for New Audi A8

      Donzdorf, Germany-based Hofele Design has released new product for the Audi tuning market including this body treatment for the Audi A8. The company released these shots showing Audi's latest D4 A8 with wheels and body kit featuring front and rear bumpers along with side skirts. The ...
    3. Video: Audi AG Chief of Product Marketing Explains the New Audi A8L

      When Fourtitude editors were in Germany recently sampling the new Audi A8L we had a chance to meet and chat with Audi AG's Sven Stockmar, Chief of Product Marketing. Stockmar knows well the new products from Audi and hosts a short video produced by Audi of America to walk viewers through the intricacies of the most oppulent Audi yet.

      Watch below.

    4. Autoblog Says Audi A5 Sportback Possible for USA and A8 TDI within 1 Year. They're Half Right.

      We'll make no secret that we love the A5 Sportback. With a shape somewhere between an Aston Martin Rapide and a Bentley Continental GT but the size of the more livable A5, it's really a perfect setup. We'd take ours in 3.0 TDI S-line trim were they sold in the U.S. but alas they're ...
    5. The New Audi A8, Now with 21-inch RS 5 Rotor Wheels

      We like to think we're on top of things here at Fourtitude and can spot cool additions of new equipment from Audi the second they're made available... but visits to Audi of America's product planning team usually schools us on the limits of our own expertise. Special thanks goes out to Audi Q5/Q7 product manager Barry Hoch for pointing out one new bit of kit the 21-inch diameter form of Audi's 5-spoke "rotor" wheel now ...
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    6. Video: 5th Gear Tests the D4 Audi A8: Just Like KITT but without Hasselhoff

      5th Gear's Jonny Smith has filed a piece on the new A8 and it's quite entertaining. Typical 5th Gear spots include beautiful ambiance, a bit of whit and a quick rundown on the car. The summary is about what we'd expect and what we've seen - big compliments for the car's quality and delivery and a bit of a let-down on the looks as it ...
    7. Hot or Not? New D4 Audi A8 Rims with Lower Ride Height and HUGE Wheels

      We've been big fans of the new Audi A8 ever since we saw it in the alloy at Design Miami and then later test drove it in Europe. In person the car is spectacular but online it has also found its share of critics. The usual comments are that the car is too subtle or looks too much like a big A4. We've found that seeing the car on the road can really improve one's impression of the car and in of course seeing ...
    8. Audi Driver: Jason Statham Sports an Audi S8. Would You Expect Otherwise of "The Transporter"?

      It's not really new news that actor Jason Statham drives an Audi or that said Audi happens to be an S8. You could have probably expected as much since the car enthusiast and actor has piloted the D3 generation Audi Q-ship in two of the three Transporter feature films as well as provided the narration for Audi's 'Truth in 24' documentary about Le Mans. We've published reports before of Statham and rumored exploits ...
    9. Audi R8 from Audi Exclusive with New D4 A8-Style Diamond Stitch Leather Seats

      One of the most notable improvements and assets of the new A8 is its benchmark setting interior. Among our favorite new styling cues of the new Audi executive class sedan are the optional diamond-stitched leather seats. And while we really like the diamond look in the A8 we're in flat-out lust for the same texture applied to the Audi R8.

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