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    1. Video + MP3: Audi and Basement Jaxx Team for New A7 Commercial Spot in Europe

      We've just stumbled across Audi's latest A7 ad spot over on The basic premise is an evolving CGI rorschach type of theme that evolves from brain eventually to the A7, emphasizing perhaps some of the thought that went behind the A7. It's visually very cool but even cooler because the soundtrack that goes with it ...
    2. Audi S7 Mule Spied sans Camo & Featured at Left Lane News

      Left Lane News has published a set of Carpix spy photos where the photographer captured what is believed to be an Audi S7 test mule undergoing testing. Please note, the image above is a mockup by our staff. We'd posted one image with the intent to push readers to see the rest at Left Lane News but they've blocked that so read below for more information on where ...
    3. First Wave of Audi A7 Reviews Hit the Press

      This week is the international launch of the Audi A7 to the world of motor journalists and we're just picking up the first few reviews of the car. The wave of American journalists drove the car today in Italy but it appears the Brits had a previous wave as we've spotted reports from both EVO and AutoExpress. Enjoy them after the jump and expect our own report from contributing editor Stu Fowle ...
    4. Rendered Speculation: Audi A7 Sportback allroad quattro Cougar Mellenkamp

      Photochopper extraordinaire Theophilus Chin is at it again with an A7 Sportback allroad quattro. That's a long name for certain and we're guessing chances for such a car are slim but it's interesting to consider nonetheless.

      Check out more images of the concept after the jump.

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    5. Audi RS 7 Render Surfaces on DeviantArt

      dacim12 over on has posted his own impression of what an RS version of the new A7 might look like. This RS 7 appears to effectively be an A7 PR photo with known RS design elements such as TT RS or RS 4 chin, RS 5 grille, rotor 5-spoke RS style wheels and chrome mirrors (actually TT mirrors and not A7 mirrors). Rendered in what appears to be Audi's Sprint Blue the photo is pretty convincing ...
    6. Theophilus Chin Imagines Audi A7 as 2-Door Coupe

      Photoshop render ace Theophilus Chin has posted one of his latest creations and his first based on the new Audi A7. With this group of renderings Chin explores what the A7 might have looked like had it been a proper 2-door coupe rather than the 4-door coupe sportback configuration of the actual car. Chin includes a rear shot as well with the story he posted on his blog. Check it out after the jump.
    7. Accessories Program Revealed for Audi A7

      While in Munich last week for Audi's A7 reveal we picked up a copy of the sales literature for the car. S-line photos from the book have been making their rounds since the day after the reveal but we've found a few additional interesting shots toward the back of the book highlighting the Audi Accessories line for the car.

      There are just three shots and, as ...
    8. Audi A7 S-line Virtual View from Audi UK

      Audi UK has launched their own A7 web material and one cool feature is a virtual view of a silver S-line example. Spin the car to see it from all angles or check out more A7 early content via Audi UK's website.

      Thanks Audi A7 Facebook Fan Page for the tip.

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    9. Audi A7 S-line Revealed

      Earlier this week eagle-eyed Audi enthusiasts downloading the Audi A7 PDF catalog on the Audi Germany website stumbled across the first photos of the Audi A7 in S-line trim. While we were still in Germany we managed to pick up a hard copy of said catalog and have scanned in those pages. Granted, these shots expose the matrix printing process used for the actual paper version but they also ...
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    10. Audi A7 Spotted at Audi Forum Munich

      As you may already know, Fourtitude was in Germany earlier this week for the unveiling of the Audi A7 at the the Pinakothek der Moderne museum in Munich . Flying out of the Munich airport on our way back to the States we popped in to the Audi Forum at the Munich Airport and were pleased to encounter the Audi A7 a second time. The car is currently on display in a ...
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