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    1. Waterfest Event Coverage from Audiworld

      We've found another Waterfest report from Usually galleries are more angles of the same stuff but we thought it was cool that Audiworld went over to shoot some stills of the drag racing on hand at Waterfest as well. Admittedly, we never made it over to the 'launchpad' so we'll live vicariously through them.

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    2. Project TTS:SF - APR Stage I ECU Upgrade and KW Coilovers

      words: Jason Crouch
      photos: Jason Crouch and Cole Kelly

      When it comes down to finding a shop to help continue a project, choosing carefully will save you a world of hurt. As Project TTS:SF has begun to pick up cadence, it was time to get more acquainted with a local tuner and the choice seemed natural. After a recent ...
    3. Norwegian Ur quattro Photo Shoot Published on Klutch

      Photographer Joachim Naess shot the above thoroughly restored and upgraded ur quattro with RS 2 engine swap and has published a full set of photos of the car over on Klutch online. The shoot was originally done for Treffpunkt magazine and it netted a 4-page spread.

      The car itself is textbook in an OEMplus build of an original quattro. In addition to the RS2 engine, the car also gets H&R ...
    4. Carbontastic OEM+ Style: One-Off Audi Parts Displayed in Carbon Fiber Flickr Group Feed

      While we'll admit we're big fans of the graphite woven stuff, we'll also readily state that its application can be overdone. Surfing one of our favorite photo feeds on Flickr today we found two obviously Audi-based images and couldn't decide whether it was too much or just right. By now we've made our decision but we're curious about your take.

      The first image (above) shows the usual Audi wheel ...
    5. Heffner Performance Builds and Tests Twin Turbo, PPI-kitted Audi R8 at Miller Motorsports Park

      When we first met Jason Heffner down at APR headquarters last spring we were completely impressed. Rather laid back and unassuming, the guy is a bit of a sleeper when you consider he's the mastermind behind twin turbo cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ford GT and of course the Audi R8. We've just run across a build thread from TeamSpeed along with video of one of Jason's most recent builds where he flew to Utah's Miller ...
    6. Photo Gallery: Heffner Performance and ADV.1 Wheels Garage Shoot with Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo

      We've just run across a new photo set from ADV.1 wheels that appears to have been shot in the garage of Florida-based Heffner Performance. Heffner is known for its twin turbo kits for multiple supercars including the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo that both star in the shoot.

      Check out the shoot at Photobucket or Heffner Performacne ...
    7. Hot or Not? New D4 Audi A8 Rims with Lower Ride Height and HUGE Wheels

      We've been big fans of the new Audi A8 ever since we saw it in the alloy at Design Miami and then later test drove it in Europe. In person the car is spectacular but online it has also found its share of critics. The usual comments are that the car is too subtle or looks too much like a big A4. We've found that seeing the car on the road can really improve one's impression of the car and in of course seeing ...
    8. Slammed Audi RS 6 Avant Featured on Klutch

      Okay, the fact that the owner may have used 21-inch Mercedes-Benz AMG wheels or slammed the car to swallow up the tops of any rubber may be controversial but we're guessing the overall effect is less so. We've just found shots of this cool and very modified RS 6 Avant photographed by our friend Joachim Naess and featured on Klutch Online. The car hails from France, which is impressive as we hear their ...
    9. Hot or Not? Clear LED Taillights for Audi B7 A4/S4/RS 4

      Say the words "clear" and "LED" in the same sentence and the name "Altezza" rather uncomfortably resonates in my head. These two words make for preconceived notions of cheesiness but the clear-ish taillights on the R8 GT have shown me that clear doesn't necessarily have to be of the cheese variety. So when I flipped open the latest issue of Audi Driver magazine and spotted these taillights from UK ...
    10. Leavenworth Drive Photo Gallery from QuattroWorld

      Northwest European's annual charity drive to Leavenworth took place this past weekend. Quattroworld editors are local to the event and were kind enough to post a gallery focused on Audis attending the event.

      Check out the full gallery after the jump.

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