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    1. alanta1's Avatar
      [QUOTE=DonPatrizio;bt1970]You are actively working on it, which is great.[/QUOTE]
    2. DonPatrizio's Avatar
      You are actively working on it, which is great.
    3. tianyu's Avatar
      Global Offensive.Valve lays out everything runrscape players need to know about Train, including some changes to each bombsite. Some of the layouts have been tinkered with to ensure a more strategic match and allow runrscape players to more easily search certain hiding spots. The middle tunnel has also been removed entirely. The second Bombsite has received similar tweaks, which you can read about on the Counter-Strike blog.For more on Train's revival, check out the video below. Thanks to posterGrimmyD for the tip. The full patch notes for today's CS:GO update can also be found here. The ConversationTheatrhythm: Dragon Quest coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2015. Square Enix's JRPGs have been known for [url=]rsgole[/url]some memorable music,
    4. davidmark's Avatar
      Actually i can relate this problem, because i've been experienced this kind of problem of my car because in my 2 years of driving with my car i never experience in major problems. So what i did i immediate contact my group mate (BHD - Black Hunter Driver) so thank God that they solve the problem.

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    5. John Y's Avatar
      The attachments don't work for me...was looking forward to the TT!