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    1. 2012 Mustang: 12k mile update

      [QUOTE=6cylVWguy;77775801]I thought I'd update those who care about my 2012 Mustang GT--especially since the online reputation for the current mustangs isn't all that stellar. I know most of the attention has moved away from the Mustang, but I know there are several on this forum who have some level of interest in the most current version.

      Almost a year ago I posted the following about the initial purchase of the mustang: [url][/url] ...
    2. Tales from the Dark Side: But does it work?


      As of this writing, I've had the mustang for a few thousand miles and the car is still pretty stock. So that begs the question, is the car actually fun to drive or is it strictly a numbers car? This installment will review what it's like for a German car fan to own something so strongly American.

      My natural automotive proclivity is towards a balanced driving experience over something ...
    3. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt II

      So after about 3-4 days of looking and thinking, I decided that the mustang GT was my car. I started going to all the Ford dealers I could find in my area to try and purchase a base model car with the BBK. Well, there were none in my area. All the BBK cars I had access to were premium package cars that were just more than I wanted to spend. I mean, in a 3 state radius, there wasn't a car available that fit my requirements. So I ordered the car directly from the factory.

      I never ...
    4. What Happens When a VW Owner and Fan Goes to The Dark Side, Pt I

      I often hear the term "dark side" when someone who is an enthusiastic owner of a car or brand suddenly changes teams and buys something from another brand. In the VW world, I have often heard this term used in reference to someone who buys something Asian. I think for most rational VW people, Asian cars are an object of respect, but not something to desire, in other words, not something that one can develop an emotional relationship with. And domestic cars? Meh, those are ok, but for ...