- MK6 GLI Tire Size Suggestion
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      05-19-2017 09:01 AM #1
      Quick question regarding a 2013 GLI's running the stock sport suspension. Whats do you guys think would be the largest tire I could get away with without rubbing? Wheels in question would be 18x8.5 et45. Going for the more squared/beefy look rather then stretched. Thanks!

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    3. 05-20-2017 01:39 PM #2
      245/40-18 is a little bigger in diameter than stock, 245/35-18 is a little smaller. Either should work at stock ride height, or with mild lowering, and are a good width match to an 8.5" wheel.
      I found this picture online. This is what the poster stated it's running:
      Enkei RS05RR 18x8.5"et45
      Continental extreme DW 245/35

      A 40-series tire will obviously give a little more (~.3") sidewall.
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