- Why hasn't any electric car manufacturer ever put a RAT (Ram Air Turbine) on their cars?
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      05-19-2017 05:50 PM #26
      Quote Originally Posted by Sold Over Sticker View Post

      Also, the amount of kinetic and potential energy an aircraft has to swap to generate electricity far exceeds what my old LEAF would have, unless you took my LEAF up to FL350, accelerated it to .76 mach and dropped it back to earth.

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      05-19-2017 06:27 PM #27
      this thread fooled me twice, when i read the title, i was thinking it was about these Electric turbos that sells on chinese online stores

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      05-19-2017 11:34 PM #28
      Might as well install a solar panel on the roof of the car to aide with electrics...

      Oh wait...

      I hope you're trolling...I can't see why even a 5 minute thought process wouldn't have let you answer your own question.
      Quote Originally Posted by DRUB View Post
      What just cause Im new.

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