- A LOT of blue white smoke
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    1. 05-16-2017 07:40 PM #1
      Replaced cam about 30k ago. Everything running fine until recently. Started with black smoke for a week or two. Changed oil and then white smoke. Removed intake, egr, erg housing. Cleaned them out. Replaced vacuum lines. Now its smoking more but is more of a blue smoke from start up. Once warmed up around 190 degree is smoke white a ton. Not sure what to check, looks like there is some oil around my drivers side of the engine, maybe the head gasket is leaking oil but I'm not sure. Any ideas? Only codes were for glow plug circuit and EGR.

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      05-16-2017 10:21 PM #2
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    4. 05-17-2017 07:13 PM #3
      Nothing. Smoke has changed to more of a blue tint until it really gets going.

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      05-18-2017 12:03 PM #4
      Blue smoke is oil. Turbo maybe?

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