After almost two decades with the same corporation, I'm ready to through in the towel. I'm a QA Analyst for a med/large company with a lot of business and IT experience, and culture shifts in our ecosystem have made it impossible for me to move ahead or enjoy the work easily, and the personal politics have become entirely too sensitive to the point that it's impossible for me to open my already-heavily-edited mouth without offending someone. On top of that, I recently learned that I'm comparatively underpaid and management has no interest in correcting the issue regardless of my accomplishments. All of that is fine, it's just signals that it's time to move on.

I've put my resume out for general consumption and have already had some interest in my resume for some longer-term contracts, which is great. The offered pay seems to be an average of 25-35% more than what I'm making now. So my question for those who are doing contract work or have done it is, what should I be thinking about as I go into this? The ultimate aim is to make enough money to finish repairing/upgrading our house for sale and relocate from the midwest to the southeast, where there's a ton more work (plus family and general life enjoyment).

My wife has wanted me to do this for a while, but being the main paycheck in the house right now, I've been reluctant up until last week. In order to put my mind at ease I've come up with the following tasks:

1. Save 2 months worth of living expenses, as a base. Right away.
2. Clear what little revolving debt/car loan debt.
3. Self -study for relevant skill sets to the field
4. Don't panic.

Anything else I should be considering?