- Black smoke, now white smoke
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    1. 04-20-2017 08:54 AM #1
      06 Jetta TDI. Car has been nothing but problems since I bought it. Replaced cam and lifters about 30-40k miles ago. Probably a few month or so back I started getting some black smoke on start up. Not enough for me to see but a friend said so. The past few weeks its been worse, after idling at a stop light or even a stop sign. Hesistates like it doesn't want to go past 2.5k rpm while blowing black smoke. I let off the accelerator and then give it gas and it'll go forward. Just recently past couple days its billowing white smoke. Did an oil change a couple days ago. Possible correlation. Still blows black smoke and hesitates occasionally.

      Where should I start?

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    3. Member 03norcaldub's Avatar
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      04-20-2017 01:40 PM #2
      it sounds like you might have a few problems.. have you smelled the white smoke? if it has a sweet smell then its coolant and that's not good. if it has a harsh smell that kinda hurts the nose then it is burning oil. you can disconnect a lower boost hose and see if there is a large amount of oil in it. that could mean the turbo seals are starting to go out. burning oil is usually blueish, but I worked on a passat with a 2.0t that had clouds of white smoke coming out of it and it was the turbo leaking oil into the intake.

      as for the black smoke and hesitation, was the engine properly timed when you had the cam put back on? can you scan it and see if there are any codes?

    4. 04-20-2017 05:11 PM #3
      Set the timing back to where I believe it was before replacing cam. No tools to check timing - believe I need some sort of scanner/computer to do so. Burning smell - like rubber/oil. Where is the lower boost hose? Only smokes once the temp gauge shows the car has warmed up.
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    5. 04-20-2017 06:28 PM #4
      Well good and bad news, my oil was at the top mark so I drained it almost a quart and no more white smoke after driving a little bit. But now we're back to black smoke and hesitation. Check my air filter. Seems clean enough. Any ideas where to go next?

    6. Member 03norcaldub's Avatar
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      Oct 18th, 2008
      2003 GTi 1.8T, 1996 Passat TDI
      04-21-2017 01:44 PM #5
      that's good that the white smoke is gone. I don't have that much experience with the newer (PD) TDIs, I mostly work on the older VE TDIs. But, i believe the camshaft timing on yours is adjusted by loosening three bolts on the cam sprocket and turning it. to see the torsion value (timing) you will need a vag com scanner. you should also consider double checking the belt to make sure it was installed correctly and not off by a tooth. the problem could be something else entirely, but having a vag com will make it much easier to figure out!

    7. 04-26-2017 05:40 PM #6
      I did the cam swap and pretty sure its on correctly but maybe retarded a bit. Don't have a vag com so i guess ill need to find one or borrow. Any ideas on what will work, brand, etc. Cheaper the better.

    8. 04-28-2017 05:22 PM #7
      I lied, white smoke is back. Anyone know what and where the hose for the turbo is that I have to dip in oil to check for bubbles, telling me the seals are bad? Got a new DTC saying the EGR valve is bad. Any ideas on that?

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      04-28-2017 10:39 PM #8
      What was the actual code number you got?
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    10. 04-29-2017 08:23 AM #9
      P2413 is the one printed from auto zone, also have P0674 and P0672 for the glow plug circuits. Removed my egr (BRM engine) yesterday and it definitely had some crud in there. Cleaned it out but haven't put it back on and tested. Any vacuum lines I should check? or smoothing else? Will try to check my harness from the glow plugs to under the battery box, for the glow plugs and since I've heard some harness rub through near the battery causes EGR issues.
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    11. 05-01-2017 07:34 PM #10
      Removed the intake. Some build up there. A bit more in the EGR and that section of intake. Cleaning it out. Will replace all the vacuum lines as well. I have a fair amount of oil on everything on the bottom of the engine. Looks like it may have been leaking from my valve cover on the driver side. But the driver side rear of the engine down to the axle is all dry soot - possibly from a vacuum leak? Any other ideas? What else should I check while I have the intake off?

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