- Older guy looking at military options
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      04-20-2017 12:27 AM #1
      I'm 35 year old male, AS in automotive technology and a BS in organizational management. Basically, I waited too long to get into a good job, and I don't want to work into my 70s. The health and retirement benefits through the military have me seriously considering enlisting. I'm right at the borderline on age, but wondered where my degree might fit in. Can I go straight to OTS and start my military career as an officer? The military websites are not very helpful. Any military guys in here?

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      04-20-2017 11:38 AM #2
      I don't know anything about the military. A question I have is... What are your goals? You have a BS which I would expect to open doors for you in the job market. Is it money wise or future retirement, purely health related? You might want to talk to a financial planner and start heavily saving/investing where you can. People who get rich/well-off IMO seem to start out scraping pennies, cutting expenses etc. for a long time while investing heavily in their future.

      What ways can you achieve your goals with or without the military option?

      Good luck, big decision to make. Wish I had more insight into it. Regarding going straight to officers training, I'd make sure that's in writing otherwise it might be a long up hill battle. i.e. swapping your current situation out for a similar but different situation.

    4. 04-23-2017 09:07 PM #3
      Have you met with any recruiters? I'm in the USCG, and have been in for ten years. I joined when I was 26. Prior to even looking at the CG, I met with the other four branches. I would honestly do that if I were you. As far as enlisting or trying to go for OCS - at 35 you're going to be older than most of the new enlisted folks or the officer folks. That's not a bad thing. I feel like *most* of the older people that join do well and advance or promote quickly due to their maturity.

      The retirement pension is nice, but honestly at this point I'm more concerned with the health care for a family, and passing my G.I. Bill onto my kid. I'll be done at 46, and more than likely starting a new career. I honestly didn't expect to do more than my initial tour but I enjoy it, the pay is actually pretty good (don't go off the military pay charts that you see), and I have a lot of time off. A lot of people retire from the service and come back as a government employee doing the same or similar job as before (while collecting their pension and benefits, and making more money as a civilian). There is a lot of opportunity in the service. I know for the CG they are offering $2k to anyone that completes basic training right now.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!

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