- Help With Aftermarket CANBUS Android Stereo Plus Adding Steering Wheel with Controls to MKV
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    1. 04-18-2017 06:21 PM #1

      I did read up a lot on related threads when I was considering getting an OEM head unit but think my requirements may have changed or simplified since I went aftermarket.

      The sedan has a Premium 7 and no steering wheel controls. I purchased a Hizpo (probably also any number of other brands) 8" Android 5.1 head unit. I purchased a 1K0419091CE Sport Wheel and 1K0953549AJ (software 0070) Steering Wheel Control Module both from a 2007 GTI. I am also getting the airbag wiring harness 1K0971584L.

      My 2006 Jetta TDI has the half display cluster. It has the separate turn and cruise, so did the GTI the controller came from. The Jetta originally came with a 1K0953549AH steering wheel controller and 1K0959653D clock spring. The aftermarket head unit allows for programming the steering wheel controls to perform whatever functions you want so I believe that it just needs to recognize that the controls are there.

      So, my question are:

      1. What if any other components do I need for the head unit to see the steering wheel controls? Clockspring?
      2. Do I need anything additional to make the paddle shifters work?
      3. If I am buying second hand parts instead of new, do I still need VCSD (which I don't have or know anybody with)?
      4. If anyone has used one of these stereos will it have the same battery drain issue as the RCD-510 if I don't replace the canbus gateway?

      I do not care about any of the multi function features outside of the steering wheel buttons so I can program them for audio and head unit menu navigation, I don't want to swap the cluster or anything like that. As a bonus, getting the paddle shifters to work would be nice but not a necessity.

      Thank you for your time.
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