Hey guys, I just picked up a '98 A4 Quattro and am super excited about it. I'm not the greatest with cars, but I do enjoy them. So I'll be posting updates and progress here for myself, and for those interested. It has 164k on it, so my buddy and I are going to replace the timing belt and water pump this weekend. It also has an exhaust from what the previous owner called a bigger turbo'd Audi.. he never said what one though, and it isn't too bad. The exhaust just kind of drones too much for my taste.

Ordered List
-Right Tail Light bulb holder

Other plans
-Remove tint
-Get a full size right side view mirror (I'm not a fan of the stubby mirror)
-WHEELS (been searching for fat fives)

Current Problems
-Sometimes the headlights won't come on and I'll have to flick the brights until they stay on
-When using the right turn signal sometimes the headlights will cycle off and then back on, sometimes not coming back on.
-LED Dash doesn't come on all the way/dead pixels maybe?
-Blown(ish) speakers up front, gotta replace soon so I can listen to tunes.

Thanks for looking, I'm open to any and ALL advice. I'm a noob with cars but enjoy working on them when I have the time and money.